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Fuel Management Services Inc.supports the heating oil and diesel industries with top performing fuel additive products including UltraGuard, Low Pour and Innospec Additives.   Fuel testing is also an important service where specific fuel performance issues are concerned.  Fuel quality management is imperative for diesel users including emergency diesel generators, utilities, petroleum equipment contractors enables fuel to remain in top reliable condition for extended storage periods.  Increasing bio-blends will pose storage and cold weather operability issues. Water absorbing tank socks are now available to remove water from fuel storage tanks to help prevent corrosion and keep microbes in check.  Routine cold flow performance testing during winter months is a service that has proven to be the difference maker for many diesel users.  

Protecting tanks and fuel metering equipment from the corrosive effects of Ultra-Low Sulfur fuels is a vitally important practice that Fuel Management Services is engaged in nationally.  Training and education is available to help fuel dealers manage the changes that are inherent with the new fuel blends.    

Brands: UltraGuard, Low Pour, Innospec Additive Line

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  • CDC-Compliant Hand Sanitizer, Multi-Surface Cleaner and PPE Now Available

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented demand for hand sanitizer, PPE and other cleaning products. As fuel suppliers adapt their businesses to protect their employees and customers, Fuel Management Services is here to help. In response to customer demand, we are now offering Kwik-Kleenz Hand Sanitizer and Multi-Purpose Cleaner. These FDA/CDC compliant cleaning products are available in:

    • 55-Gallon Drums
    • 5-Gallon 'Carboy' Pails with ¾" Spout - Ideal for Refilling Gallons
    • Standard 5-Gallon Pails
    • 8 Ounce Bottles

    Additionally, we have started sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our customers. The PPE available includes:

    • Masks
    • Face Shields
    • Gloves
    • Wipes

    Call 732-929-1964 or click here for price quotes and other inquiries


  • UltraGuard
    UltraGuard fuel additive is used extensively throughout the heating oil industry by many industry leaders. to protect storage systems, improve fuel and equipment performance....

  • UltraGuard additive -- an industry favorite, has recently been upgraded to meet the demands of increasing biodiesel blends and ultra-low sulfur fuels.  Used as prescribed at low treat rate cost for preventive maintenance as well as specific problem solving, UltraGuard's comprehensive components include; Stabilizers to keep fuel stable and free of particulate, corrosion inhibitors to protect fuel metering components and tanks from corrosion, preservative to keep bacteria and fungus from gaining a foothold in tanks, organic dispersants and detergents to keep fuel and equipment clean, demulsifier to manage moisture.  Marketing a better fuel to your customer base is a proven way to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty as well as increasing overall profits.       
  • Low Pour
    Low Pour Cold Flow additive is an industry leading product that fuel dealers depend on every season to keep outside 275's flowing even in the most severe winter temperatures....

  • Low Pour is a top performing cold flow improver to prevent fuel waxing and gelling of fuel in outside 275 tanks.  An industry standard additive that fuel dealers won't do without, Low Pour is used extensively throughout the northeast and midatlantic states.  Utilizing the latest improvements in cold flow chemistry, Low Pour additive ensures fuel will flow without waxing and gelling in the coldest temperatures mother nature can dish out.  As our industry transitions to increasing biodiesel blends every dealer needs a trusted and proven cold flow product to rely upon. Used at 1 pint per 250 gallons Low Pour is added to outside 275 tanks at every delivery by most fuel dealers.        
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