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Whether you need marketing strategy, email marketing, print ad design, search engine optimization, web design services, customer review management, social media marketing, or other energy marketing services for your company, Consumer Focus is here to help!  Specializing in the energy industry, we work with you to transform your goals into creative designs and compelling messages. We integrate the latest technologies along with industry expertise to provide high quality products and proven results.

P3 Propane Safety

P3 Propane Safety's compliance system, mobile app, training, and consulting services are led by propane safety professionals sharing decades of experience. Our leaders are specialists and have successfully created and implemented countless safety programs. P3 leads the industry in:

Brands: Consumer Focus™ Marketing, P3 Propane Safety, ServicEdge™, and the TankSure® Program


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  • Get a free, 45-day trial of the P3 Mobile App! Free trial includes:

    • Free access to the P3 Mobile App for 45 days
    • Data entry for up to 200 paper forms into the P3 Compliance System
    • Tablet for field technician preprogrammed with the P3 Mobile App
    • P3 Mobile login credentials for field technicians
    • P3 desktop login credentials for office users and managers
    • Weekly meetings with a P3 consultant for training and questions
    • On-call support for troubleshooting 

 Press Releases

  • Ways to Engage with Your Propane Customers in 2020

    By Jennifer LeClerc, Featured in BPN Magazine, February 2020 Issue

    It’s time to identify your goals for the coming year and how to focus your marketing efforts in order to achieve them. Whether you have your sights on improved customer retention, increased sales, building brand awareness, or a mixture of all three and then some, marketing experts agree that engagement is a pivotal tool for marketing success in 2020.

    So, what do we mean by engagement and why does it matter for marketing in the propane industry? Traditionally, propane marketing has been primarily a one-way conversation. But that doesn’t quite cut it anymore. More and more consumers want to interact with brands they are loyal to, and a percentage of that majority in the Millennial demographic even expects interaction. Engagement is not only beneficial for the consumer, but it is extremely beneficial for propane marketers in order to strengthen existing customer loyalty and to attract new customers.

    How to Incorporate Engagement Strategy in Your Marketing Efforts

    There are several ways that you can implement engagement tactics into your marketing strategy. We’ve gathered four examples of effective engagement opportunities that will help you to engage your audience and get tangible results that support your marketing goals for the upcoming year.

    1. Make Social Media Work for You

    Social media is the place where consumers engage with each other and with brands. Social media engagement can be utilized in a variety of ways, but the most cost-effective and efficient engagement opportunity is social media advertising. Social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram offers an affordable way to expand your audience reach. Once you create a social media advertising campaign, you can promote your ads on multiple social channels to a customized target audience, which will make your already-affordable ad budget really go the distance.

    Social media advertising requires minimal investment compared to other promotional techniques, with the added bonus of audience engagement and trackable results. While you are using social ads to engage with your audience you can quantify campaign results down to the dollar.

    1. Recognize That Online Reviews Really Matter

    Another engagement opportunity that every propane marketer should be actively taking advantage of is online customer reviews. Reports show that 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. Consumers are looking at previous customer experiences to inform their purchasing decisions, and they are paying attention to which companies respond to reviews. Online reviews don’t just contribute to customer engagement, but they also can positively affect your website’s search ranking on Google. So, if you already have reviews, start responding to them. And if you don’t, start actively asking for them.

    1. Engage Even More on Google My Business

    Did you know that 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day and the volume of Google searches grows by roughly 10% each year? It is critical that your propane company has a claimed Google My Business listing because it will be the first thing a consumer sees when they complete a Google search for propane services in your area. More and more consumers are using Google My Business to engage with companies instead of following through to their websites. Features like online reviews, messaging, and a customer Q&A forum are all great opportunities for customers to engage with you online.

    1. Keep Your Audience Interested with Consistent Campaigns

    Do something fun for your customers that will excite and entice engagement. Host frequent engagement campaigns that encourage your audience to take action, like fill out an online form, share a post on social media with their followers and tag your business, or refer a friend to your propane services. Keep your campaigns consistent such as a monthly raffle, but switch up the incentives (like a tune-up discount or tickets to a community event) to keep them interested.

    2020 is the year of the customer. Use engagement marketing tactics to set your propane company and service offerings apart, build customer loyalty, and attract new targets this year. As we just discussed, there are multiple ways to engage your audience in a strategic manner that best suits your propane company’s unique goals and marketing budget.

    Jennifer LeClerc is the creative director of Consumer Focus Marketing, a marketing agency that specializes in total marketing strategy services for the energy industry nationwide. Their services include digital marketing, online review management, search engine optimization, and website development.

  • P3 Mobile Service: Better, Faster, Safer

    When it comes to propane safety, there’s no room for error. That’s why we at P3 Propane Safety are pleased to announce our new mobile safety inspection service, P3 Mobile. Marketers from Maine to California are partnering with P3 to go paperless and complete safety inspections faster with a greater rate of accuracy and completion. Below are just a few of the new features of P3 Mobile that can help your company to ensure the safety and coverage you need.

    P3 Mobile now allows the completion of:

    • Safety inspections

    • Cathodic protection inspections

    • Interruption of service inspections

    • Duty to Warn documentation

    • Photo documentation

    The Shocking Error Rate in the Propane Industry

    Historically, the industry is averaging a 30% error rate on safety documentation. This means that about one third of the time, your documentation will not protect your company in the case of a catastrophic failure. It makes sense; we have technicians running around completing this critical paperwork in a chaotic field environment. There is no comprehensive system to audit the paperwork, there is never enough time for training, and let’s face it: technicians don’t love paperwork and they don’t like to raise their hands and admit if they don’t understand something.

    P3 Mobile Can Help You Reduce Your Error Rate from 30% to Less Than 5%

    P3’s mobile service uses drop-down inspection inputs which we call Input Error Reduction. This dramatically limits input mistakes. If a technician has a question about the data input field, they can click on our Mobile Professor which will pop up a mobile “cheat sheet” that provides the details of the inspection process for that field. Perhaps the most exciting feature is our Error Recognition Technology, which will flag any skipped input field or inaccurate test results so that technicians can fix it before they finalize the inspection. P3 Mobile can connect management with technicians like never before. The real-time system facilitates immediate follow-up when the documentation does not meet company requirements; this creates more accountability and better results.


  • Voice Search Website Optimization
    65% of people 25–49 speak to their devices at least once per day. Voice search optimization will help your website perform in response to voice searches to contribute to higher revenue, more valuable leads, and better brand recognition....

  • Voice Search Website Optimization

    Have you recently said, "Hey Siri" or "OK Google" to ask your smart device a question? A whopping 65% of people aged 25–49 speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once per day. Get your website professionally optimized so it can perform in response to voice searches. Reasons to use voice search website optimization services from Consumer Focus Marketing:

    1. Take part in the $40 billion in sales that voice search will drive in 2020
    2. Increase your e-commerce revenue
    3. Be found by the 55% of people who use voice search
    4. Show up within the 1 billion voice searches performed each month
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
    Streamline your marketing efforts with a personalized, strategic marketing plan managed by specialists who understand your business. We will work with you to identify your goals, develop compelling campaigns to meet them, and analyze their results....

  • Strategic Marketing Planning

    Streamline your marketing efforts with a personalized, strategic marketing plan managed by specialists who understand your business. Consumer Focus™ Marketing provides total marketing services using an integrated marketing approach. We will work with you to identify your goals, develop campaigns to meet them, and analyze their results. From plan ideation to project completion, we will guide every step of the process so you can focus on running your business.

    We will work closely with management for planning and support of all marketing endeavors, and provide intermittent results reports based on marketing channel analytics. Strategic marketing plans include a combination of various marketing methods that are based on your specific goals and needs:

  • P3 Mobile App
    P3 Mobile is changing the way propane marketers complete safety inspections and store safety documentation. P3 Mobile is the only safety documentation service with Input Error Reduction, Error Recognition, and Photo Documentation....

  • P3 Mobile

    The P3 Mobile Application Service is changing the way propane marketers complete safety inspections and store safety documentation. P3 Mobile offers mobile safety inspections, cathodic protection inspections, interruption of service, and photo documentation.

    P3 Mobile is the only safety documentation service with notable features like Input Error Reduction, Error Recognition Technology, and advanced Photo Documentation that provide significant value to techs in the field and service managers.

    Input Error Reduction
    Offers a built-in Mobile Professor that provides code of best practice references to users as they input safety inspection data.

    Error Recognition
    Gives users real-time feedback for missing or non-compliant documentation in the field.

    Photo Documentation
    Allows companies to document and review all tank sets for code compliance.

    Visit to learn more and request a free demo of the latest version of P3 Mobile.

  • Policies & Procedures Manual
    Policies & Procedures are a guide that should be specific for your company to identify how you implement code requirements. Policies & Procedures are critical to prevent safety hazards, promote employee consistency, and reduce liability....

  • P3 Policies & Procedures Manual

    Does your propane company have a Policies & Procedures Manual? Policies & Procedures should be specific for your company to identify how exactly you will code requirements within your daily operations.

    Policies can be considered the “big picture” of your company’s daily operations. Written policies include language to cover legal issues that may arise due to the nature of the business, customer and employee health and welfare, and/or ethical concerns that may put the organization or employee in a position of conflict.

    Procedures are the actual steps that are undertaken to uphold written policies. Written procedures identify individual tasks, who is responsible for the completion of each task, what steps are involved in the process, the sequence of each step, and how the progression of steps is performed.

    Policies & Procedures are an affordable risk mitigation tool that deliver many significant benefits, including preventing safety hazards and protecting your company in the event of litigation. Visit to learn more. 

  • Propane Training & Compliance Consulting
    P3 Training and Compliance Consulting Services are provided by industry experts with 80 years of combined experience. Specialized safety products are designed to integrate seamlessly with company operations and training....

  • P3 Training & Compliance Consulting

    Our leaders are true specialists in their field that have successfully created and implemented countless propane safety programs. The value of their professional credentials, training skills, and safety management experience are unmatched in the industry.

    Propane Safety Training

    P3 Propane Safety combines classroom and hands-on field training to give employees the most comprehensive training experience. Training available for CETP, Cylinder Requalification, Cathodic Protection, Crane Training, DOT Hazmat, Jurisdictional Systems, and more.

    Specialized Compliance Products

    Specialized products are designed to integrate seamlessly with company operations and training programs, including Policies & Procedures, Operations & Maintenance Manuals, DOT Hazmat Security Plans, Fire Safety Analysis, and more.

    Visit to inquire about training and consulting services.

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