Exosent Engineering LLC  

College Station,  TX 
United States

Welcome to Exosent, home to the low center of gravity MC331.

Exosent Manufactures MC 331 low center of gravity vessels for transports, bobtails and storage tanks. Exosent transports have a 16 inch drop in the belly form the fifth wheel lowering the center of gravity by over a foot reducing the risk of a roll over by 30%. The tank designed is to shape the load to reduce surge and better fuel economy.  All manufacturing is done in house. Our steel comes from Nucor North Corolina to our shop where we cut, roll, weld and form our own dish heads  into a pressure vessel. Exosent covers all facits of the manufacturing process, including x-ray, heat treat and NDE. Exosent sand blasts, paints and dresses the trailers with lights and tires ready to be picked up by the csutomer. Exosent offers a full aerodynamic package for the trailers to enhance safety and fuel economy.  All manufacturing is done in College Station Texas.


MC 331, 11600 uswg,
MC 331, 18900 uswgExosent MC 331, 250 psi trailer


  • 12000 Uswg Spread Aerodynamic
    Exosent 12000 uswg spread axle MC 331 Low Center of Gravity Transport. The cabinet around the plumbing keeps it clean and prevents damage from road debri and with the wind skirts and wing enhances fuel economy....

  • Exosent is continually working to enhance safety and fuel economy in all of their products. With the Exosent trailer being over a foot lower center of gravity, Reducing the risk of a roll over by 30%, shaped the tank reduce surge and hose tubes under the trailer make for a very safe unit. Exosent believes with all of these benifits that it adds depth to the Driver pool, enabling Drivers to work in tanker industry that they may not have been interested before. The exosent trailer makes for a very safe platform for Men and Women in the trucking industry operate these transports.


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