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Smart Oil Gauge - #1 Heating Oil Tank Monitor

Say hello to see how the Smart Oil Gauge is changing the way homeowners manage their heating oil all throughout the Northeast. As the #1-rated tank monitor on the market, Smart Oil Gauge has become the trusted tank monitor in the heating oil space.

Make the most of the growing Will-Call business by offering our dealer-branded app and ONE-TOUCH REORDERING for your customers. This enhanced customer experience will keep your customers loyal to you, and ensure you stay relevant to the next generation of heating oil customers. 

Monitor your Automatic Delivery accounts as well through our user-friendly dealer dashboard:

  • Track tank levels to improve delivery efficiency
  • Tie to your back-office software to reduce runouts
  • Prioritize deliveries when bad weather hits
  • Gain a stickier customer 

Sell more heating oil through FuelSnap, our recently-launched marketplace for heating oil as well. Reach our growing base of thousands of Smart Oil Gauge users who are buying oil through our app. 


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  • Smart Oil Gauge - Professional Model
    Smart Oil Gauge - Professional Model allows heating oil dealers to offer the industry's #1 oil tank monitor to their Will-Call and Automatic Delivery customers....

  • Smart Oil Gauge - Professional Model allows heating oil dealers to offer the industry's #1 oil tank monitor to their Will-Call and Automatic Delivery customers. Tank levels are reported to a Droplet Fuel dashboard, and can be linked directly to your back-office software. Will-Call customers can reorder heating oil in seconds with a stored credit card right through the app.

    Why Smart Oil Gauge?

    • #1 Oil Tank Monitor: Amazon's Choice, most-installed tank monitoring app, and top-rated in App Store, Google Play and Alexa skill
    • Gain a stickier will-call customer with in-app reordering
    • Prioritize deliveries during bad weather
    • Eliminate runouts
    • Stay top-of-mind with your logo in the app
    • Attract the next-generation oil customers with the latest smart home technology

    Preview the dealer dashboard here:


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  • FuelSnap - Sell More Heating Oil
    Introducing FuelSnap - our all-new marketplace for heating oil. Join the 50+ forward-thinking heating oil dealers who are adding more delivery stops without spending a nickel on advertising....

  • Welcome to FuelSnap - our new marketplace for heating oil! 

    FuelSnap connects the thousands of Smart Oil Gauge users throughout the Northeast with local dealers in their area. Homeowners see that their tank is low, and choose from a local, reputable supplier. Heating oil is ordered in seconds, using a stored credit card that links directly to your payment processor.

    Add stops to your will-call business without the hassle of phone calls or manually processing credit card orders. Simply update pricing periodically in your dealer dashboard, and the orders will come in automatically.

    What is FuelSnap? 

    FuelSnap is a marketplace for heating oil. FuelSnap connects its users - including Smart Oil Gauge users - to heating oil dealers. When their tank is low, users can choose from participating dealers in their area and reorder fuel at the touch of a button. No phone calls to make, no checks to write - just easy ordering.

    Why join FuelSnap?

    Sell more fuel, period. You have nothing to lose by joining FuelSnap - just more orders to gain. You control pricing, delivery dates, and delivery areas. Orders that come in are already paid for on the homeowner's credit card. No phone calls to take, checks to deposit, or cash to collect on delivery. Deliver on your own terms, and increase your delivery volume with FuelSnap.

    Why is FuelSnap so Important to my Business?

    FuelSnap users are your future heating oil customer. They want to do everything on their phone - from adjusting their thermostat, to ordering dog food - and now ordering heating oil too. They are already checking their tank level via the Smart Oil Gauge app on their phone. When the app tells them their tank is low, you'll want to be one click away so they buy from you. With FuelSnap, you'll reach these tech-savvy users who definitely do not want to pick up a phone to order oil.

    How much does FuelSnap cost to join?

    FuelSnap is free to join! We simply earn a small referral fee of five cents per gallon on each order that is taken and successfully delivered by you. 

    How soon will I be paid?

    With FuelSnap, there's no middleman holding money from you. We'll charge the credit card before you make the delivery. Once you confirm the delivery amount, the system will automatically finalize the order, or provide a refund if one is owed. 

    Do I have to purchase Smart Oil Gauges to participate in FuelSnap?

    No! Most of our FuelSnap customers have bought Smart Oil Gauges already (through Amazon, online, or through their local HVAC technician). You can participate in FuelSnap and reach these customers who reside in your delivery area for free.

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