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Welcome to Boyertown Furnace. A family owned Co for 40 yrs

Featuring the Regal Star furnace. The only oil furnace in the industry with  front and rear flue on one furnace. This lowprofile furnaces are 44" and 50" and can be installed as a highboy or a horizontal furnace either left or right discharge. The Regal Star 3 pass design heat exchanger design gives you access to the clean out ports in the front and rear of the furnace. You have the choice of Beckett, Carlin and Riello oil burners. The Regal Star can also be direct vented using the Riello BF burners and our double wall stainless direct vent kit. The low profile, small footprint and versatility of the front and rear flue make it an ideal choice for today's retrofit oil market.

Heating capicities from 60,000 to 154,000 BTU output and A/C capacity from 2 to 5 tons. The Regal Star is available with the PSC or an ECM motor.

All of our heating products are proudly manufactured in Boyertown, Pa.

Brands: Regal and Regal Star Warm Air Furnaces, Solaia Cast Iron Boilers, Cox Commercial Furnaces, Trio Boilers, Columbia Boiler Steel Boilers


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                 JULY 1 , 2020 - OCOTBER 31, 2020

    Purchase any Regal Furnace with                a Carlin Oil Burner and receive a                $40 Visa Gift Card!


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  • Regal Star Oil Fired Furnaces
    The Regal Star is a low profile multi-positional oil fired highboy, horizontal furnace. It has a front and rear flue on 1 furnace. The BTU from 60,000 - 130,000 output,2-5 tons of A/C. The units are packaged in durable wood crates.

  • Designed for the low profile needs of today's homes, Regal Star furnaces feature a 3 pass design with fuel efficiency up to 87%.  Our signature front or rear flue design is ideal for today's retrofit oil market. The Regal Star furnace can be installed with a Beckett, Riello or Carlin burner and also as a direct vent furnace with the Riello BF burner. It is available with both direct drive and ECM Motors, it has a heating capacity from 60,000 to 154,000 BTU output with multiple firing rates. The Regal Star is available with the exclusive NRGmax 9103 control. Its cooling capacity ranges from 1 1/2 tons to 5 tons.  The furnace allows easy access clean out ports and can be installed as a low profile highboy or as a horizontal with a left or right discharge. The Regal Star can be chimney vented or has direct vent capabilities it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a five year parts warranty.  
    The Regal and Regal Star line of oil furnaces are proudly manufactured in Boyertown, Pa.
  • Trio Cast Iron Boilers
    The Trio Boiler
    Ranging in sizes from 79,000 btu to 723,000 btu. The Trio is a complete line of low mass cast iron floor standing boilers with superior craftsmanship and serviceability....

  • Trio cast iron boilers

    A blend of technology and efficiency

    The Trio low mass boiler with steel push nipples has a 3 pass low mass design. Constructed from GG 20 rated cast iron It has recirculating flue gas technology.  The Trio boiler is Energy Star rated with efficiencies up to 87%. The Trio uses the hydrostat 3250 plus control with the low water cut off. It also has the option of indoor or outdoor reset.  The Trio boiler is a multi fuel boiler meaning, oil or gas without voiding your warranty. It gives you superior service ability with complete access to all flue passages. Direct vent capabilities and a limited lifetime warranty which are transferable to the next homeowner.

    The Trio boiler is available with Beckett, Carlin and Riello oil burners. It is also available with the Carlin EZ-1 gas burner. The Trio can be direct vented with the Riello  BF3 or BF5 oil burner and our 10 or 15 ft. double walled direct vent kit. Please contact any of your local FW Webb sales people for pricing and availability.

    The Trio Boiler is also available in Oil or gas in BTU’s ranging from 276,000 to 723,000 btu Output. The slender 19-1/2” boiler allows accessibility in very tight installations. One jacket fits all Trio boilers 6-12 sections.  Please contact your local F W Webb salesperson and ask them about the industry leading 20 warranty on this light commercial boiler.

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