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For over 90 years Allanson’s Environmental Electrics have provided quality, reliability and dependable performance to the HVAC industry. 

Our innovative product family ranges from transformers and electronic ignitors, to testing equipment that provides the ability to test products safely and easily. It also includes the only universal ignitor – the OMNI as well as Swordfish UVC Air Purification systems.  We look forward to the future and continuing to lead the way in innovative product solutions for the HVAC marketplace. 

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Brands: OMNI Universal Ignitor Chek-Mate Tester Swordfish UV


Swordfish Ultra Violet Air Purification System

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  • Eastern Energy Expo 2020 Special

    Allanson is pleased to announce that during EEE 2020 all SwordFishUV purchases will include a FREE Hole Saw!

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  • Swordfish Ultra Violet Air Purification System
    Most indoor air quality products merely trap pollutants, but Swordfish actually kills molds, viruses, and fungus in your indoor air....

  • Most indoor air quality products merely trap pollutants, but Swordfish actually kills molds, viruses, and fungus in your indoor air. Swordfish UV Air Treatment systems use proven technology and expose your recirculated indoor air to UVC light which kills/deactivates micro-organisms and sanitizes your air.

    Two Models Available:

    • 18-Watts: up to 1,000 square feet
    • 36-Watts: up to 3,500 square feet

    Mounted in your duct above your A. Coil where it will kill 99.9% of the mold and bacteria growing there; you can also mount the unit on your return air duct where it will kill most of the micro organisms passing the lamp.

    Rather than simply trapping your allergy or asthma "triggers", the UVC irradiates your indoor air and kills/deactivates the DNA/RNA structure of micro-organisms rendering them harmless.

    These lamps do not produce ozone (exposure to ozone can worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, and compromise the ability to the body to fight respiratory infections)

    They have no end caps that block illumination and therefore will not result in "non-sterilized" air pockets.

    This ballast has also been tested by Philips lighting in the Netherlands.

    Our Philips lamp has been tested and performs at a broad range of normal air conditioning and heating temperatures and velocities.

    Can be used in conjunction with any existing air filter or purifier such as electronic filters and HEPA filters; however it requires only a high quality dust and pollen/allergen filter to obtain optimum performanc


    OMNI Ignitor is designed to be mounted to all existing manufacturer’s mounting plates. Simply take an Allanson OMNI Ignitor or service kit and it will mount to the existing mounting plate....


    The Allanson 2275-U is an Electronic Ignition Transformer Universal Ignitor with a primary voltage of 120 volts. Extended life expectancy. Available in a service kit which contains: two OMNI Ignitors, a selection of mounting plates and universal contact replacement kits. Energy efficient, CSA & UL Listed. Makes service calls quick and easy. Allanson 2275U Transformer Electronic Ignition. CAT 2275 TYPE U PRI-VOL 120. Product Specifications: Part #: 2275 Type: U. Burner: OMNI Universal Ignitor. Primary Voltage: 120. Secondary Voltage: 17500 mA: 45. VA: 150 Hertz: 50/60. Ground: Mid Point Ground.


    • History of excellent operation under brownout conditions
    • No extra mounting plate needed
    • Meets American and European noise emission standards offering superior EMI and RFI protection
    • Open Circuit Voltage does not drop off under lower than normal operating primary voltage conditions
    • Low operating temperature

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