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Run Clean! Run Smart! Run Better with Fuel Right

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Fairville Products, Inc. manufactures the most cutting edge fuel system treatments available today.  Our award winning flagship product, Fuel Right is the industry leader for safely and inexpensively removing sludge, stopping corrosion and increasing system performance using our proprietary filming amine technology … something traditional harmful biocides can’t!

For over 20 years our full range of additives and system treatments have been used in a wide range of applications including: heating oil systems, all diesel applications, transportation, heavy equipment, farming, marine and standby generator applications.

Unlike most additive companies, Fairville Products, Inc. provides extensive technical and scientific support to help our customers with their specific needs and applications - at no additional cost.  That’s why our customers know that “IT PAYS TO FUEL RIGHT”.

Brands: Keep your system clean & running smoothly with the Fuel Right line of fuel treatment technologies. Stop sludge, fouling & corrosion! Run Clean, Run Smart & Run Better with Fuel Right.

 Press Releases

  • W. Conshohocken, PA - July 2020 - A proposed ASTM International Stndard would be used to provide evaulating treatment to prevent sludge, fouling and corrosion in the presence of free water and biological contamination in the middle distillate fuel systems.  ASTM"s committee on petroleum products, liquid fuels, and lubricants (D02) is developing a proposed standard (WK64043)

    "Middle distilate fuel systems thatn burn kerosene, diesel fuel, or heating oil are almost all openly vented and, over time, collect water says ASTM International member Robert Tatnall, CEO of Fuel Right in Wilmington Delaware.  "Bacteria and other microorganisms grow in this water phase and some feed off the fuel.  The result is fuel sludge, fouling of systems, and corrosion of tanks and ancillary equipment, which leads to operating problems with the engine or burner that uses this fuel and corrosion failure of fuel tanks."

    Tatnall says this practice would offer a way to evaluate and determine the relative merits of such products, and it is intended to tallow fuel sysstem owners to evaluate and specify treatment products to keep thehir tanks and equipment sound and clean.

    ASTM welcomes participiation in the development of it's standards.  Become a members at http://astm.org/JOIN 


    Committed to serving global societal needs, ASTM International positively impacts public health and safey, consumer confidence, and overall quality of life.  We integrate consensus standards - developed withour international membership of volunteer technical experts - and innovative services to improve lives ... Helping our world work better.


  • Fuel Right 15K
    Fuel Oil & Diesel System Treatment to stop sludge, corrosion and keeps fuel systems running clean!...


    • Removes Sludge
    • Stops Corrosion
    • Cleans Tanks, Lines & Strainers
    • Prevents Winter Freeze Ups
    • Helps Keep The Entire Fuel System Clean!
  • Fuel Right Heating Oil Tank Treatment
    Fuel Right Tank Treatment - One 6oz bottle protects home oil tanks from sludge & corrosion and cleans the entire heating system!...

  • Fuel Right Tank & System Treatment

    • One 6oz Treatment Cleans & Protects Home Heating Systems
    • Safely Dissovles & Prevents Sludge In Fuel Tanks
    • Stops Corrosion
    • Cleans The Entire Fuel System from Tank to Nozzle
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