AquaMotion, Inc.  

Warwick,  RI 
United States

AWARD WINNING AQUA-FLASH Recirc. kits for tank and tankless

AquaMotion is a US manufacturer of circulators,  Hot Water Recirculation system and valves. AquaMotion offers a complete line of hot water recirculation kits for every type of installation for tanks and tankless systems. AquaMotion won AHR awards in 2015 and is the AHR 2018 WINNER for the MOST INNOVATIVE PLUMBING PRODUCT. We manufacture patented single and three speed PSC motor pumps (Permanent Split Capacitor) and single and variable speed ECM (Electronically Commutated) circulators. Our product line is assembled and tested 100% in our Warwick, RI, USA plant. Products are covered by 9 issued patents. All pumps are UL, ULC, or ETL listed. Stainless pumps and recirculation kits are NSF 372 approved.

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AquaMotion: The Most Energy Efficient Circulators & Instant Hot Water Recirculation Systems

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 Press Releases

  • A large OEM customer said: “It is clear AquaMotion is at the forefront of resolving recirculation's biggest issues.”  This now patented Water Delivery System solves the tankless heater recirculation problems by preventing short cycling, cold water sandwiches and long waits to get hot water quickly to all faucets. 

    The circulator in the AMH1K-6ODRZT1 kit for the Tankless One Pipe system installs at the tankless. The circulator installs at the hot outlet and includes a flow control and check to bypass up to 1 GPM to the cold inlet of the tankless. A special Tee with check and hose connects to the pump and directs the flow to the cold inlet of the heater. With the timer set to run the circulator, the tankless controls senses the heated water from the circulator and when this water cools, will re-fire based on the tankless settings.

    The new stainless AMK-ODR Superflow™ by-pass valve with compression connections (Patent pending) installs under the sink on the cold angle stop. When used with ON DEMAND CONTROLS provides sufficient flow to operate the tankless. The valve kit installs under-sink in only 10 min. without the need to cut pipe. Made in USA.

    This water delivery system provides instant hot water comfort to all faucets on the same supply line and can save 12,000 gallons of potable water annually, save on utility and sewer fees. 

    The entire kit is UL, ULC and NSF 372 listed. US built in Rhode Island by AquaMotion. 

  • • Use with existing city or well systems with tank

    Increased Water Pressure at all fixtures, sprinkler
       heads (30 psi

    Automatically Starts, NO Short Cycling
    Simple Installation into incoming water line
    Built in check valve eliminates backflow
    Compact Design, 14”x14”x11”, Quiet Operation
    Stainless Steel Pump, multistage stainless    

    Control with brass ¾” union connection,
    Mounting Base, Drain, Fill Plugs for quick venting
    • Washdown enclosure, TEFC motor

    • USA Assembly and test

    AquaMotion Inc., 401 785 3000,,


  • AMRe-FVL High Efficiency ECM Circulator
    The AMRe-FVL High Efficiency ECM circulator for heating with IRON GUARD™ is automatic, steel circulator with stainless cartridge. Doesn’t require iron filter for system....

  • The AMRe-FVL High Efficiency ECM circulator  for heating with IRON GUARD™ is fully automatic, no buttons to push, steel circulator with stainless cartridge. Does not require iron filter in the system to protect the circulator. External iron filter cost as much as the pump. 6 1/2 ft. replaceable line cord included to save money and time on installation.
    High performance of 20 ft. x 18 GPM, 120/1/60, low 45 watt draw, universal 2 bolt flange with nut retainer, built-in check valve, replaceable cartridge, a green sustainable product.

    The AMRe replaces the Taco oo7 oo7e 0015 0015e 1816e 0018e, Grundfos 15-42, 15-58, Alpha I & II and others with one single model.

  • Aqua-Max™ APB-30 Pressure Booster
    Aqua-Max™ APB-30 boosts domestic water pressure in residential homes by 30 psi to all fixtures and sprinkler heads....

  • Aqua-Max™ APB-30 boosts domestic water pressure in residential homes by 30 psi to all fixtures and sprinkler heads. Use it where the city/ town/ well water delivers insufficient pressure. Automatically Starts when water is drawn & stops when demand ends, No Short Cycling increases pressure after water demands ends, Simple Installation plumbs into incoming water line & plugs into 115V wall fixture, Compact Design easy installation 14″ x 14″ x 11″, Quiet Operation totally enclosed  fan cooled motor, Stainless Steel Pump Construction for corrosion resistance & reliability, Composite Control with reinforced brass connections, Built in check valve eliminates back flow of cold to main, Mounting Base can be attached to floor or wall, Wash down Enclosures control and motor are sealed to prevent water entry, Drain and Fill Plugs for quick filling and venting.


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