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POWERHOUSE helps you protect margins and grow your business.

Companies like yours face continuous challenges from volatile energy prices.  

POWERHOUSE uses a wide range of tools and techniques to help our clients meet and overcome threats from energy price volatility.

  • Financial instruments keyed to price action in energy markets as well as weather-related contracts
  • Company-wide training on using these instruments for growth strategies
  • Affordable software that tracks hedged and physical balances

POWERHOUSE is different because we guide our clients through the process of managing price risk from concept through execution to resolution.  We strive to be your business partner not just a service provider.  That is why we have worked with our longest-standing client for more than 35 years. 

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    Affordable, cloud-based, easy-to-use software that helps energy companies match hedges to physical inventories....

  • You can forget about that increasingly complex spreadsheet! Use M2M to match, monitor, and maintain your hedge and physical positions with ease. Visit https://www.powerhousem2m.com/eee/ to learn more and schedule your demo with a POWERHOUSE team member.   

  • POWERHOUSE Price Risk Management
    Full Service Brokerage

  • POWERHOUSE guides clients through the entire price risk management process.  We recognize that each client is unique, dealing with its own mix of customers and its own operational style. POWERHOUSE makes sure clients understand the range of tools available.  We work closely with our clients to ensure that their risk management approach is consistent with their objectives. POWERHOUSE designs and executes the desired strategies and provides software to track performance of the plan.




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