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Since 1993, PriMedia has been a leader in providing full service marketing and communications solutions to the home comfort industry. PriMedia’s comprehensive line of services includes internet strategy (SEO/SEM), website design and hosting, custom application development, graphic design, direct marketing, strategic planning, corporate identity and branding, event marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), public relations, and print and broadcast advertising – all designed to strengthen our clients’ brand identities and address the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace. PriMedia’s proprietary online customer relationship applications, developed specifically for the energy industry, enable our customers to provide a full range of automated digital solutions, from account management and online enrollments to loyalty rewards and text messaging services. Contact PriMedia at 800-79-MEDIA (800-796-3342) or visit

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 Press Releases

  • Since the novel coronavirus put most of the country on lockdown, PriMedia has been presenting a series of free webcasts on marketing strategies for energy businesses coping with region-wide stay-at-home orders.

    Each webcast has focused on a different aspect of business operations and communications during this crisis and beyond:

    • Text Messaging: The Under-used Business Builder
    • The Complete Customer Service Playbook: Building a concrete foundation and how to maintain it
    • Error Free Lead Generation and Tracking: Score on Leads at Home and in the Field
    • Building Customer Loyalty: Integrated Programs to Help You Keep Your Customers
    • Buy-In For Budgets: Strategies to Increase Budget Plan Enrollment in an Era of Financial Insecurity
    • Digital Marketing During Quarantine: Changing Strategies while customers stay-at-home 
    • Dealer Express: Online Fuel Sales Platform developed for heating oil and propane dealers.
    • Price Protection: Stability in an era of historically low prices and stay-at-home orders.
    • Connect Your Techs Before Making the Trek: Conducting Remote Service Calls in the Social Distancing Era
    • Portal Basics: Essential customer self-help tools that are absolutely key to operating an energy business in this "Social Distancing” era
    • Getting Buy-In for Budgets: Messaging and Strategies to Increase Budget Plan Enrollment

    “We wanted to help our energy partners the best way we knew how – by giving them tools to get through the unique challenges this pandemic created, and that could be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. The webcasts give us the platform to reach as many businesses as possible at once,” explained PriMedia president Richard Rutigliano.

    PriMedia is well positioned to offer solutions to the current challenges. It has provided marketing, internet and communications services to fuel and energy providers since its founding in 1993 through periods of volatile price swings, utility gas attacks, geo-political upheavals and severe weather challenges.

    “The feedback from the audience has been outstanding,” Rutigliano continued. “Dealers are taking our strategic plans to heart, contacting us for more information, and making immediate changes to their operations.”

    PriMedia is also presenting these webcasts along with free consultations to individual companies upon request, and videos of the programs are available for review on the PriMedia website. 

    To learn more about the webcasts and schedule a viewing, contact Liz Hill at PriMedia at or (800) 796-3342. Visit to see all of PriMedia’s products and services.

  • Your online customer portal is probably utilizing SmartConnect® Customer Look-up to integrate your account data from ADD Energy E3®. This enables users to view their account information, delivery and transaction histories. Chances are, you’ve also integrated Payment & Credit Card as well, so those same users can make payments to their account by credit card and have it written back to their E3 account.

    If that’s all your customer portal does, you are missing out on features that will enhance your operations as well as the customer experience. An experienced Customer Portal Developer partner can enhance the functionality of Customer Look-up and other SmartConnect® modules in ways you may never have imagined. Let’s look at the different modules, and what you can do with them.

    Your Customer Look-up integration provides you with a wealth of information that can be used to personalize the customer experience. Your client facing portal should be able to place custom online messages, ads and coupons based on plan status and payment, delivery and service histories. Similarly, personalized marketing, by way of automated emails and text messages, can target customers to enroll in or upgrade their automatic delivery, service plan and budget plan programs, or alert will-call customers when it is time to place an order. Once these communications systems are set up, you will be able to send company news and promotions to your entire customer base, or filter your distribution list based on account data.

    Taking the account side of Customer Look-up a step further, the data available can be integrated with a points-based loyalty program, which rewards customers for every dollar spent. These programs can offer much more than traditional loyalty offers that promise discounts towards equipment upgrades the homeowner may or may not need. An integrated program can match those offered by major credit card companies, gas stations and airlines, with account credits, product discounts, or third-party rewards ranging from electronics and jewelry to home furniture, travel vouchers and event tickets.

    On your sales side, your Customer Look-up module can be integrated with your lead tracking system. Location and other information for existing customers considering additional services or equipment can beauto-loaded once the account is identified. New customers can be tracked from intake to close, and new accounts can be created in E3 with a few keystrokes. (More on new account creation below!)

    Many other modules streamline operations and free up staff time. Delivery Ticket Creation and Service Order Creation speed the process from request to dispatch, and Tank Monitoring can alert you to potential run-outs. Log entry creation tracks any changes to the account, providing you with a snapshot that identifies the employee involved, date and time. Account errors, unusual program modifications and other discrepancies can be tracked and clarified in minutes.

    Enhancing your Payment and Credit Card Entry with EFT Payment and Entry offers your customers another payment option, and automated billing programs can deliver invoices and statements without your staff spending a week or more printing and mailing to your entire client list.

    Volatile fuel prices, whether caused by international geo-political upheaval, federal policies or commodities markets, can wreak havoc with price protection programs. The lag time between mailed offers and received agreements could leave you with a below-cost agreement. Integrating Plan Pricing AKA-SLPP Creation with an online price protection portal reduces that risk with real-time account specific pricing and gallon requirements for capped, pre-pay, or fixed or other plans; price expiration periods; hedge account alerts; and digital contracts.

    We discussed new accounts that were set up by your staff through lead tracking. However, today’s customer is very often looking at providers outside of office hours. With Customer Account Add and Modify, these customers can set up their own account; undergo an instant credit check, enroll in delivery, service, budget, price protection and other plans; and have all the data entered into E3, subject to your authorization, while you sleep!

    It should be clear that Add Energy E3® and SmartConnect® offer you a myriad of sales and customer service options when an experienced developer creates your portal. PriMedia has been developing custom SmartConnect platforms for nearly a decade, for multi-state retailers with several hundred thousand accounts as well as independent dealers with a few thousand. Our developers are continually enhancing the functionality or creating new systems, all geared to making your business grow.

    For more information on integrated customer portals, contact Liz Hill at PriMedia at or (800) 796-3342. Visit to see all of PriMedia’s products and services.


  • InVue: Customer Account Management and More
    InVue allows customers 24/7 access to their account info. InVue works in real time with your accounting software or with a one- or two-way transfer of data. Your customers can retrieve their info easily, giving employees more time to build your business....

  • Use your customer data to reduce operating costs, close more leads, and keep more customers! Your customers are looking to manage their accounts and transactions online – at their convenience; and your sales personnel are looking for a better way to track their leads. Join us to find out how to turn the data that’s collected and generated daily into the solutions you need. 

    Feature include but are not limted to:

    • Account look-up
    • Detailed account management
    • Automated customer reminders and notifications
    • Dynamic, customized content fields
    • Email capture
    • View balance and previous transactions
    • Easy online payment
    • Support for secure credit card information storage and automatic recurring billing
    • Service contract status and enrollment
    • Budget plan calculator and enrollment
    • Automatic consolidation for multiple account holders
    • Marketing integration and seasonal reminders
    • Service and tune-up scheduler
    • Request delivery
    • Show delivery history
    • Customizable for other account data as requested

    inVue Integrates with All Your Customer Programs

    • Price protection
    • Risk management
    • Loyalty rewards programs
    • Bill presentment and payment solutions
    • Social media, email and text messaging programs
    • Diversified services cross-marketing

    Learn More!

    Find out how to bring your customer account services online and inVue! Visit today for more informationand call 800-796-MEDIA (800-796-3342) or email to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

  • DealerExpress: Your Complete Online Sales Solution
    Catch “price shoppers” at the point of sale with the easiest, most affordable, and most reliable complete online sales solution, from the heating industry’s most trusted marketing partner....

  • PriMedia's New DealerExpress™ Online Fuel Sales Platform gives you everything you need in a will-call, online ordering solution.

    • Your Own Branded, Customized Company Page
    • Branded Domain Name
    • "Today's Pricing" Application and Admin
    • Tiered Pricing and Tax Calculations
    • Residential and Commercial Price Options
    • Service Area ZIP Code Search
    • Delivery Day Scheduling with Black-Out Days
    • Editable Coupons and Coupon Codes
    • Customer Account Storage and Admin
    • Automated Email Reminders by Tank Size or Last Order Date
    • Integrated Online Ordering Platform
    • Integrated Online Payment Gateway
    • Platform Hosting
    • Management of Your Pay-Per-Click/Search Engine Marketing Campaign

    Looking to offer even more?

    • Company Name and Logo Development
    • Extended Online Content - add more pages to fill out your site
    • Integration with Your Back-end Customer Account Management Software
    • Order Database
    • Zone-specific Pricing
    • Charitable/Community Organization-specific Pricing
    • Credit Card Vaulting
    • Customer-specific ads and promotions
    • Loyalty programs
    • Text messaging subscriptions
    • And more!

    Don’t miss another online sale. Get DealerExpress Today!

    DealerExpress is our turnkey program specifically for fuel dealers, with expedited development and launch schedules. Visit today for more information, and call 800-796-MEDIA (800-796-3342) or email to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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