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Fort Wayne,  IN 
United States
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Tippmann Innovation - the coolest name in cold storage.

At Tippmann Innovation (Ti), we have the experience, skill, and expertise, to design and build state of the art cold storage facilities that will serve you well into the future. Ti is nationally recognized for reliability, knowledge, and innovation. We bring fresh ideas along with cutting-edge systems and products such as our QF+ and QFM technologies. Our building designs, in-rack freezing, and modular freezing technologies will bring efficiency and cost savings to your cold storage and tempering needs.

Ti Design Build

  • Design/build construction of cold storage and freezer facilities
  • Master site planning
  • Advanced engineering for increased efficiency
  • Industry experience and knowledge

In-Rack Freezing Systems

  • QF+: the fastest way to freeze a pallet 
  • QF+: allows all product to freeze at the same rate
  • QF+: lowers utility and handling costs
  • QFM: the first mobile in-rack freezing system

Brands: Brands: Design/Build, Warehouse Management, Refrigeration Engineering, QF+, and QFM In-Rack Freezing System, T2 Spacers


Tippmann Innovation QFM
Tippmann Inovation....Cold Storage Construction Experts


  • QF+ In-Rack Freezing System
    Rather than blasting cold air at food product and hoping some airflow gets to the center of the pallet stacks, QF+ uses patented technology to pull air through the product for faster, more consistent and predictable freezing.

  • qf+ In Rack freezing system

    The best thing about QF+  Freezing System is right there in its name – it freezes food faster. This means you can rotate inventory in and out of the freezer in less time, increasing capacity. So, it’s like adding refrigeration space to your existing footprint.


    Airflow is the most important factor in removing heat during the freezing process. This proven principle is the basis for QF+. By drawing air through each pallet, heat is pulled away as quickly as the product will release it, providing speed, consistency and predictability.

    • Maximize Airflow – Vacuum created by high pressure premium fans pulls air through pallets rather than just blasting air at them

    • Food Safety – Warm air is evenly distributed for ideal removal, while chilled air is pulled through for even, predictable product freezing without “sweet” or “slow” spots

    • Easy Loading and Unloading – Racking configuration makes loading and unloading easy, helping cut labor costs

    • Exclusive Features – Exclusive swing gate automatically adjusts to pallet heights for even freezing

    • Continuous Freezing – Non-stop capability eliminates  batch freezing

  • T2 Pallet Spacer System
    Cut your freeze time up to 40% with the Patented
    T2 Spacer System.™ The T2 maximizes air velocity across and within the pallet to provide consistent airflow, which eliminates partial freezing and reduces freeze times up to 40%....

  • T2 Pallet Spacer System

    • Faster

    • More Efficient

    • Crush-proof

    It’s almost not fair to compare.
    Ordinary egg crate style spacers may be the industry standard, but that may quickly change. Just look at how the T2 Spacers stack up against traditional spacers.


    • Single axis design directs airflow for faster freezing
    • Unique design increases air velocity across and within pallet
    • Spacer ends provide extra support to ensure consistent air movement
    • Increased surface area provides two times the contact area
    • Rigid supports with integrated case support system to eliminate crushing – up to two tons
    • Airflow pattern matches same airflow in all blast freezers
    • 3 lbs each
    • 150 pieces per pallet
    • Pallet Weight: 490 lbs
    • NMFC Code: 156600-7
    • NMFC Class: 92.5
  • QFM In-Rack Freezing and Tempering System
    QFM is the next evolution of QuickFreeze. Designed to work with existing double-deep racking, QFM quickly increases pallet capacity with minimal disruption to your operation....


    Now you can get the same revolutionary freezing power of Tippmann Innovation's QF+ In-Rack Freezing System in a modular, mobile unit.  QFM is the next evolution of QuickFreeze.  Designed to work with existing double deep racking, QFM quickly increases pallet capacity with minimal disruption to your operation.


    QFM works with the same QF+ patented technology which cools by pulling air through the product for more consistent and predictable freezing.  Plus it freezes product up to 80% faster than conventional blast freezers. 

    QFM is the fastest way to freeze palletized product for the most energy efficient, cost effective building solution.  Operational challenges are eliminated.

    • Modular – Users can install & remove QFM themselves. This allows equipment to be moved to other locations or stored off season.
    • Faster– Up to 80% faster than conventional blast and up to 40% faster than QF+

      Occupancy Sensing - QFM starts when pallet is placed in front of QFM
    • IoT – IoT - Data logging, remote control, WiFi, JSON Communication
    • Adjustable Dwell Time – Change the cycle time remotely through API or web interface
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