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  • Booth: 24031

High Density (Cold) Storage Revolution is Here. Booth 24031

At the GCCE 2019 in booth 24031, FLEXSPACE | Storax is proud to showcase its high-density, mobile storage solutions aimed at: increasing storage capacity; increasing accessibility and productivity; while decreasing the facility footprint.

For more than 50 years, Storax has been a high density storage innovator. Poweracks, mobile racking system,  and Ranger, high density pallet shuttle are in use in over 60 countries helping customers drive operational excellence, efficiency and increase profitability.

Poweracks, high density mobile racking system, is comprised of a racking superstructure installed to a powered moving base. Poweracks replaces conventional static aisles with one moving access aisle.  This unique design combines direct access with a substantial increase in storage density.

The Ranger is a high-density modern storage solution that automatically circulates pallets on a shuttle system by handheld remote control or a WiFi PDA device.  Utilizing advanced photocell technology, the Ranger intelligently detects and positions itself underneath a pallet, delivering and extracting pallets with a tunnel system.

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  • Poweracks, mobile racking system
    Poweracks, high density mobile storage system, replaces multiple conventional, static, open aisles with one moving access aisle. Resulting in a storage capacity increase of up to 100% within the same building footprint....

  • Poweracks, high density mobile storage solution, is time-tested and unrivaed in quality and reliability.  Poweracks' robust design make it ideal for cold storage environments, heavy duty weight requirements, and sophisticated applications.  Anything that can be lifted, can be stored on Poweracks.

    Poweracks is comprised of a racking superstructure installed to powered moving bases.  Systems are equipped with multiple safety mechanisms and state-of-the-art communication tools.

    The innovative, lateral movement replaces multiple conventional, static, open aisles with one moving access aisle.  The elimination of wasted, valuable warehouse space increases storage capacity by up to 100%, without sacrificing accessibility or operational efficiency.

    More Storage Capacity: Increase storage capacity by up to 100%

    More Cost Conversion: Reduce your building footprint and construction costs; less space means less operating costs

    More Revenue Generation: Underutilized space is now generating revenue

    More Accessibility: Direct, unobstructed storage access

    For more information on Poweracks, visit www.flexspace360.com

  • Ranger, high density pallet shuttle
    Ranger, high density pallet shuttle, provides more storage capacity, selectivity, and efficiency....

  • Ranger, high density pallet shuttle, is remotely operated working within specialized racking tunnels for the loading and unloading of pallets.

    Ranger moves swiftly and autonomously delivering and extracting pallets using advanced photocell technology.  Whether you are storing equipment, beverages, frozen food, or packaged goods, Ranger works in a variety of storage environments. By loading and unloading pallets at the front and back of the racking structure, Ranger boosts efficiency and eliminates the need for product access aisles.

    More Efficiency: Less manpower, less double-handling, less damage

    More Capacity: Wasted, underutilized space is eliminated

    More Selectivity: Loading and unloading that fits your operation - First In, First Out (FIFO) or Last In, First Out (LIFO)

    More Sustainability: More products stored in less space with less energy demands

    For more information on Ranger, visit www.flexspace360.com


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