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EP Aeration

San Luis Obispo,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 2005

EP Aeration - Chemical Free Algae Control

Founded in 1990, EP Aeration specializes in sub-surface aeration for lakes, reservoirs, and ponds, across a wide range of markets including municipalities, agriculture, food and beverage processing, golf courses, resorts, and commercial and residential developments.

EP Aeration’s bottom-laid, fine-bubble aeration systems have the highest oxygen transfer and circulation rates per horsepower, making them among the most efficient water treatment systems available for treating water quality issues such as nuisance algae, odors, low dissolved oxygen, high dissolved metals, sludge accumulation and turbidity.

Quality, efficiency, and achieving our client satisfaction are the driving forces behind every system we design. Steeped in a strong environmental ethic, we pride ourselves on reducing, and in most cases, eliminating reliance on chemicals to treat water quality problems.

Please visit booth 2005 and or website to learn more about our entire line of chemical-free pond management products.

Conducts International Business: Yes