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  Thursday Feb. 7, 2019 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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Rapid Barrier Systems Inc

Calgary,  AB 
  • Booth: 1003

Serving both the USA and Canada!

Manufactured to our design specifications, our water-filled flood barriers are available in various height and length configurations. Many of industrial strength material, they are impervious to sea-water, chemical resistant, mold resistant, UV protected, and fire retardant.

These barriers can be connected end-to-end for continuous length, and stacked for increased height.

These are the only barriers on the market today with a rectangular design which places more barrier on the ground for greater ground contact and reduced possibility of seepage.

Our dual barriers are designed for ultra-low-level flooding at just 5 1/2 inches in height and come in two lengths, 6 ft, and 12.5 ft and may connect for continuous length. They resist rolling on sloped ground to about 22 degrees but are not stackable.

Our regular stackable barriers are available in 1 ft, 2 ft and 4 ft heights, up to 100 feet in length for the 1 ft high barrier and 50 ft for the 2 and 4 ft high barriers.  

They are equipped with convenient handles and double belt loops for connecting all the stacked barriers together to form a wall to protect against or divert floodwaters. Want to know more? 

Conducts International Business: Yes