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Capstan Ag Systems

Willmar,  MN 
United States
  • Booth: 3224

EVO: Individual section control with turn compensation

Sharpshooter (SSRS) and the new EVO PWM Tip Management Systems

Description:  Both the SSRS and the new EVO techonologies act as an “automatic tip changer” that permits a wider range of speeds and rates at a constant pressure and a selected, constant droplet size. The SSRS and EVO may be installed on 18’, 20’, and 21’ standard booms and the new "Featherweight 18'/28' and 20'/30' combo" booms.

Values: Significant spraying time savings, consistent application across a large speed range, immediate ON/OFF spray at the correct rate and pressure, "On-the-Go" drift control and automatic tip changes with speed/rate changes.  Individual section overlap control equal to the number sections of the rate controller.


1.  SSRS or EVO can be retrofitted to Jacobsen, Toro or Deere sprayers.

2.  The SSRS does not require GPS for rate controller spraying.

3.  Both the SSRS and EVO, configured with 3, 5, 10 or 16 section rate controllers, does automatic section control.  This installation DOES require GPS. 

4. The EVO provides both individual section control AND automatic "turn compensation" to provide the target rate across the entire boom while turning.

Conducts International Business: No