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Autel believes in creating a future that runs on electric power, integrating complete energy solutions seamlessly into the everyday lives of EV users. Through innovation and technological advancement, we usher in this new electric era with confidence in our products, pride in our partnerships, and the understanding that the future is already here. Established in 2004, Autel quickly became one of the world's leading providers of intelligent automotive products and services. Now, with the launch of our EV Charging and Energy Solutions product line, we offer solutions with the latest features, highest quality standards, and best-valued products in the industry. With the experience of our global brand, and an international presence in over 70 countries, Autel is committed to green energy solutions that combine hardware, software, and support for all our customers’ varying needs.

 Press Releases

    • Autel Energy to share charging technologies that advance EV fleet operations
    • EV charging brand offers sustainable and reliable fleet transportation
    • Charging solutions address EV operating concerns, such as range anxiety and cost
    • California fleets are encouraged to explore Autel Energy's charging opportunities

    ANAHEIM, Calif., April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- For businesses transitioning to or starting an all-electric fleet lineup, social and environmental sustainability goals can be achieved; however, this may lead to range anxiety and delivery reliability hesitation. Autel Energy, the leading provider of residential and commercial electric vehicle chargers, is solving these dilemmas with its innovative charging technologies and dependable energy resources. To highlight its EV infrastructure solutions for commercial fleets, Autel Energy will showcase its products at the 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Anaheim, California.

    Fleet operators and managers attending the ACT Expo presented at the Anaheim Convention Center from May 1-4 are invited to visit Autel Energy at Booth 7603. The brand will display its suite of chargers, including the recently unveiled Autel MaxiCharger DC Compact Mobile, which debuted at the 2023 New York International Auto Show in April. Autel Energy will be available to present its EV solutions for fleets and supply resources to streamline the transition to electric vehicle mobility.

    "As we focus on improving the charging infrastructure for everyday consumers, we must not overlook the use and advancement of EVs in business settings, particularly within fleet operations. Portable chargers are convenient, allow for greater flexibility, and can be used in a variety of locations to ensure commercial fleets are meeting deadlines and advancing clean and sustainable transportation. With portable chargers, fleet operators can provide customers with the same service level they expect from traditional mobility options," said John Thomas, chief operating officer at Autel Energy.

    Autel Energy makes it easy for businesses to take advantage of electric vehicle commercial transportation, providing a reliable and efficient way to charge fleets with portable chargers. These chargers are designed to curb EV charging complications, allowing operators to confidently deploy electric fleet vehicles and promote a greener mode of transportation. The technology by Autel Energy reduces operational costs, lowers vehicle carbon footprints and optimizes efficiency through innovative energy management.

    Autel Energy offers a wide selection of products to satisfy any charging requirement, ranging from AC (Level 2) residential and commercial chargers to bi-directional DC vehicle-to-everything (V2X) home charging, DC fast charging (Level 3), and digital energy management tools like ChargeCloud, the only comprehensive charging cloud solution available. These solutions are designed to guarantee dependability, quality, and improved EV experiences while supporting grid stability and pushing the boundaries of EV mobility.

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    About Autel Energy
    Autel Energy's vision is to create a seamless customer experience that enables the deployment of technology and smart infrastructure that accelerates the adoption of electric vehicles and energy management solutions worldwide. Autel Energy makes the most advanced products accessible and convenient for residential and commercial users offering hardware, software, apps, and cloud-based solutions to cover almost every use case and application. This includes world-class charging hardware for AC (Level 2) home and commercial, DC Bi-directional V2X power management, and DC (Level 3) fast charging from 40kW to 720kW with innovative configurability and modularity.


  • Autel MaxiCharger AC Elite Business

  • As the demand for EV charging continues to grow, Autel offers a variety of solutions for commercial applications. With Autel commercial charging, you can now appeal to a broader market, provide convenient solutions for EV drivers, and adapt to their needs effortlessly.

  • Autel MaxiCharger AC Ultra

  • This workhorse is the most powerful dual port AC charger on the market. The system was designed to ensure form meets function, with a footprint for limited space applications. This is an ideal solution for commercial charging sites, with an 8-inch HD screen that offers the ability to generate additional ad revenue.

  • Autel MaxiCharger DC Compact

  • The MaxiCharger DC Compact offers the best values with 40kWs of smart charging power, advertising and communication capability in a perfect size to fit almost any application.

  • Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast

  • When you need power now, this future-ready innovative design delivers up to 240kW and is perfect for fleet applications and highways service centers. Faster charging means less time waiting and an enhanced user experience. The MaxiCharger DC Fast is the unrivaled EV charger solution for people and business where time is the most value asset.

  • Autel MaxiCharger HiPower

  • When you need power now, this future-ready innovative design delivers up to 480kW and is perfect for fleet applications and highways service centers. Faster charging means less time waiting and an enhancing user experience. The MaxiCharger HiPower is the unrivaled EV charger solution for people and business where time is the most value asset.