Freepour Beverage Management

Mississauga,  ON 
  • Booth: 1452


  • Scanchecker Cloud 2.0 Wireless
    Patented stock-taking device that can handle multiple outlets at your hotel as well as the stockroom....

  • Patented wireless device that allows you to scan existing barcode on bottles and then either weigh the partial or count the full.  Stores weigh of bottle, liquid and spout.  Uploads to cloud where empty weight and spout weight are tared out to give exact inventory on hand.  Go at a rate of 20 bottles per minute.  Do spirits, wine, packaged beverages.  Interface with third party inventory software such as Agilysis, Adaco, Avero, and others.  Invisible to guests, portable, rechargeable, lightweight with a padded carrying case and adapter.