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  • FIRE - Feature Inventory Response Engine
    See how guests can book individual room features instead of room categories. No reading through room descriptions, no uncertainty about the availability of room feature combinations. FIRE changes the paradigm....

  • Using predictive future room assignment, FIRE provides your booking engine with precise inventory availability. With FIRE, confirm and guarantee individual room features, or even price them accordingly.

    By selling room features, rather than categories, the guest's choices are made intuitive. There is no need for them to work through category descriptions.

    When customers go to a hotel site to book a room, they tend to project themselves into the destination. This projection, remnant part of the dream phase, includes what they imagine their room may look like. This often includes a view, Balcony, floor, bed types and many other ‘things’, that translate into a hotel’s room features. Guests then have to map these projections with a multitude of room descriptions, often including multiple choices of configurations - think Standard room, King or Double bedded - never mind that high floor, away from elevator, or secondary value exposures won’t possibly find their way into the category definition.

    Instead, present choices that correspond to the projection. Simple, and easy to use booking flow, the guests simply add their items to the shopping cart and complete the booking. You can even present your guests with individual room numbers that you can safely confirm.

    Make sure to see a demo of the FIRE implementation in pulseBooker, an intuitive Tile based booking flow on a single page.

    FIRE – changing the paradigm!