JANUS Displays by Morrow Technologies

St. Petersburg,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 901


  • Digital Signage
    By interfacing with your event management software, your digital signage system will always display relevant and up-to-date information. It will automatically update your entire digital display network whenever a change is made....

  • Who, What, When & Where?

    The JANUS Displays event management solution for your conference or event digital signage can easily show your guests where to go, when to go, and how to get there. JANUS Displays provides integrated, end-to-end event signage solutions that encompass interactive touch-screen event listings, interactive and dynamic wayfinding mapping and digital room boards

    Our solutions integrate with a host of event management systems and provide a great range of services to your guests without having to interrupt your staff to ask for directions.


  • Digital Wayfinding
    Guide your visitors and guests through your property with JANUS Displays digital signage mapping and wayfinding. Show start and end points, draw the path, and provide directions. Send the directions to phones using email or an interactive mobile solution!...

  • Wayfinding makes life easy for customers

    JANUS Displays mapping solutions directs your visitors in daily routines, emergency situations, special events, and more. JANUS Displays wayfinding helps you cover more ground with multiple mapping options that include interactive, dynamic or static. Integrate mapping with your current event interface, and allow maps to show where important meetings and events are being held.


  • Meetings and Events Signage for Function Space
    Manage your function space using JANUS digital directories and room boards. CI/TY, Daylight, Delphi, Envision, Hotel Sales Pro, ISAC, NetSimplicity, Opera, Outlook/Exchange/Microsoft365, Visual One, Target Net....

  • Effective Event Management

    JANUS Displays software integrates with your existing event management program simply and accurately, always displaying current information to your entire digital signage network.

    Perfect for any Occasion

    Lose the unsightly paper and modernize your property with a stress-free event interface solution. It's the perfect solution for events, corporate meetings, weddings, conventions, employee trainings, conferences, receptions, and more.