Key Tracer a Real Time Networks Brand

Port Coquitlam,  BC 
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  • Key Control Systems
    Our custom and modular key control cabinets prevent unauthorized access to keys and restricted areas, and records every key transaction providing full accountability of master keys in your facility at all times....

  • The system allows user access to only the assigned keys while the remaining keys stay locked in place. The software records all the details of the transaction.
    With Key Tracer, each Key Tag is a round composite plastic peg with a RFID tag inside it. The round peg is inserted into a round hole/slot locking into place. The RFID technology requires no contact point with the cabinet unlike many other existing systems. The Key Tag is secured and the transaction is registered immediately. Additionally, each Key Tag requires no maintenance and eliminates improper insertion and/or user error.

    Users can access the key cabinet via prox card, pin number, or biometric readers (fingerprint or facial recognition). Once the user is identified and key selection made, the key then unlocks and is released. The key slot lights up with a highly visible red LED light indicating which key can be taken. All other keys stay securely locked in place. 

    • Stop unauthorized access to keys
    • Prevent lost or misplaced keys
    • Eliminate time-consuming key transaction record keeping
    • Generate reports to track key issue and return
    • Better accountability and increased security

  • Real Time Location Solutions
    Track and locate people, keys and assets in real time, any where in your facility....

  • Our RTLS offer various custom applications, including:

    Emergency Mustering Solutions & Automated Roll Call: provides real time location information and solves the problems of having to perform repeated manual checks and roll-calls. Our system automatically identifies each member of staff, including visitors and contractors, as they approach the muster point.

    Real Time Guard Tour Monitoring Solution: Monitor the guard’s progress without any action or input from the guards, and record whether security guards or night watchmen, carry out their tour on time. Our wireless system monitors, records and time stamps their progress with no swiping, clocking or other action required. Provides reports and real-time alerts for specified events, for example when a guard fails to reach a certain checkpoint.

    Secure Visitor Management: Our tracking and reporting system monitors the precise location of personnel, contractors and visitors within a facility, and records all their movements. If a visitor enters a restricted area of the building, or separates from the employee that they were initialy paired with, an immediate alert can be issued. 

  • Electronic Asset Lockers
    Eliminate time-consuming asset issue-and-return record keeping, and prevent loss or misplacement of valuable assets with our Electronic Asset Lockers....

  • Our customizable and modular electronic lockers use contactless, RFID technology to control access to firearms, communication devices, laptops and other valuable assets. Only authorized users can remove or return an item from an electronic locker.

    Secure and track any valuable asset:

    • Electronics: Access-controlled compartments, RFID identification and charging docs for tablets, iPads, smart phones, laptops, data collectors
    • Weapons: Access-controlled compartments and. RFID reader in every compartment identifies the contents, modular system design for custom configuration, 18-gauge steel lockers, power failures are covered by a built-in backup battery.
    • 2-way radios: Radio set and hand-held charging compartments with passive cooling system to prevent device overheating.
    • Other valuable assets: Evidence kits, narcotics storage and other valuables.