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    SIMULCHARGE®-RBM Tablet Kiosk is a multi-device solution that enables simultaneous charging and integration of USB enabled devices at the same time. The RBM technology extends operational lifespan of a tablet kiosk. Featuring PoE, LAN, and 2 x USB ports....

  • LAVA SIMULCHARGE®-RBM Tablet Kiosk is a multi-device SimulCharge connectivity solution with implemented RBM technology to extend operational lifespan of a tablet kiosk running in a 24/7 commercial environment.

    LAVA’s SIMULCHARGE® Technology allows the tablet to operate as a USB Host controller while simultaneously being charged. The LAVA RBM extends tablet reliability through the use of battery modulation and resolves Android DHCP issues in commercial environments.

    Our products use the Samsung KNOX Customization SDK to gain root-like access to the Samsung device capabilities while remaining within security, technology, and warranty constraints. KNOX Customization also allows LAVA’s adapters to easily integrate scanner technology.

    The Kiosk screen brightness management reduces unnecessary heat generation and battery strain based on a time of day.

    Our kiosk also features PoE, LAN interface, and up to 2 x USB ports for additional peripherals integration. 

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