PCI Booking

  • Booth: 1743


  • PCI Booking: Outsource PCI Compliance
    PMS vendors: ensure hotel customers remain out of PCI scope. Offer PCI Booking as a premium, outsourced, PCI-compliant service. The solution accepts, tokenizes and stores guaranteed bookings using payment cards. No sensitive data touches your system....

  • With more stringent data protection policies from VISA and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, hotels are more concerned than ever about PCI compliance.


    Data Guard offers PMS vendors a premium, revenue-generating solution to hotels’ PCI compliance issues: the PCI Booking outsourced compliance service. With PCI Booking, hotel customers gain an instant, affordable way to remain out of scope. Used by the hospitality industry worldwide, this proven tokenization and storage service lets hotels accept and store guaranteed bookings using payment cards, without any sensitive data ever touching their own system.


    Quickly integrated into existing PMS, PCI Booking requires no changes in hotels’ existing payment gateways (payment gateway-agnostic), and minor changes to existing code.


    Come to booth 1743 and find out how you can generate more revenue from the growing demand for PCI compliance.

  • Universal PCI PMS API
    Our tokenization service is now available FREE to all PMS vendors. This enables PMS vendors to offer a 'Premium PCI service' for an additional free. Revenues are then shared with PCI Booking. Futures include integrated telephone payment tokenization....

  • The PCI Booking payment gateway agnostic tokenization service is a proven solution for travel technology companies that need to become PCI level one compliant.  The service is widely used by many leading brands.

    PCI Booking now offer a unique service that allows PMS vendors to implement the service for free using our APIs.  Deployment typically takes just two weeks.  In compensation PMS vendors participate in a revenue sharing agreement whereby a nominal fee charged to hotels for PCI compliance is shared with PCI Booking.   This simple solution enables all PMS vendors to receive a level one  Attestation of Compliance which is the highest level of security demanded by the PCI council.

    Features include:

    • Tokenization on the Fly
    • Payment Capture iFrame
    • Integrated telephone payments (available Q3)
    • Payments using existing payment terminals
    • Universal Payment gateway enabling multiple PsPs to be deployed instantly
    • Co hosted website with every PMS vendor