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  • Team Xpress
    Team Member Collaboration and Self-Service System from Celayix.

    Easy to use schedule management tools for your staff, providing real-time 24/7/365 access to their schedules.


  • Team Xpress is an easy to use scheduling management tool for your team members providing real-time, 24/7/365 access to their schedules. Powerful capabilities include notifications of shift changes, alerts of upcoming shifts, supervisor messages and more. Best part? All of this is available through both the web and mobile app.

    Communicating with your employees is key. Team Xpress allows you to easily manage your workforce and their day-to-day operations

    Highlights of Team Xpress for Your Business Operations:

    • Publish shifts for 24/7, 365 employee viewing
    • Collect check ins/outs using geofencing
    • Publish shifts for employees to view and self-schedule
    • Get alerts of late or missed shifts
    • Collect precise time capture for accurate record keeping, billing, payroll, and compliance
    • Collect acknowledgement from employees when shift details change
    • Collect availability and time off request from employees
    • Communicate via chat in real time with employees

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  • Time Xpress
    Celayix Time Xpress provides supervisors with a suite of powerful tools to collect and review time, monitor attendance, and communicate with team members, all in real-time and on the go....

  • With Time Xpress, supervisors have the ability to manage employees and make adjustments on the go from a desktop or mobile device such as a tablet. Features include:

    • Map view of all sites showing the number of staff at each location and visual indication of any problem areas
    • Create shifts and perform modifications on the go
    • Clock employees in/out, manage breaks and log safety checks either individually or en masse in a matter of seconds
    • Quickly find replacements who are available and willing to work while still ensuring that they match the job requirements and will not cause overtime Save time by automatically matching attendance data from physical clocks to shift records
    • Chat functionality between supervisors and employees providing real-time updates and resolution of issues
    • Create custom filters which can be saved and used to bring up the specific data
    • Filter and sort the data directly in the grid
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  • Schedule Xpress
    Reduce scheduling effort by as much as 95% with Schedule Xpress! a...

  • Reduce scheduling effort by as much as 95% with Schedule Xpress, an easy to use, advanced scheduling tool for building, managing and communicating schedules with your employees. Our powerful rules-based scheduling engine allows for easy creation of collaborative schedules and includes self-scheduling workflows, offering distinct advantages to our customers.

    Key Benefits

    • Rules-Based Scheduling - automate scheduling rules to account for shift qualifications, double booking, overtime, internal and external budgets and others to ensure the right staff are scheduled for the shift
    • Collaborative Scheduling – collect availability, time off requests and other preferences to automatically build schedules , saving hours of scheduling effort
    • Self Scheduling –Save time by allowing staff members to schedule themselves into qualified shifts based on configured business rules, demand, and preferences
    • Customize schedule layouts to match unique company and individual needs
    • Quickly create and modify schedules using templates and drag and drop functionality
    • Reduce time spent on schedule changes through group editing for multiple changes
    • Ensure fair distribution of shifts by defining and using shift rotations
    • Communicate shift information with staff in real-time through in-app, email or SMS messaging