Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI)

Bonita Springs,  FL 
United States
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  • AP Automation Technology
    Automate your payables with our award-winning solution designed to handle 100% of your payments....

  • With a single file upload, globalVCard paysystems can securely process all of your payables based on vendor preferences: virtual credit card, check, ACH, direct bank settlement through the globalVCard Network, even cross-border payments settled in local currency. Fully supported by our industry leading vendor enrollment and account management teams, you can begin processing payments in as little as two weeks. globalVCard requires no IT capital and integrates with any ERP or accounting system. You’ll gain superior control and full visibility into your payment activity, 24/7.


    • Automate payables and operate more efficiently
    • Reduce costs by eliminating paper and greatly reducing fraud
    • Generate new revenue through monthly cash back rewards
  • Corporate Travel
    Keep business travelers compliant with corporate travel policies while reducing fraud and simplifying expense reconciliations....

  • globalVCard travel generates a secure, single-use virtual credit card number for each reservation, ensuring that business travel expenses remain in full compliance. Travel managers gain the control of centralized payments with easy reconciliation. Our companion mobile app and automated fax authorization process brings added convenience and solves the hotel direct billing challenges for business travelers. globalVCard can be integrated with your travel management company’s booking system for a completely seamless payment process.


    • Reduce the high cost of noncompliant travel expenses
    • Simplify the reporting and reconciliation of travel expenses
    • Minimize fraud with the use of secure, single-use virtual credit card numbers
  • Mobile Payments
    Gain the power to control and manage business expenses, or issue secure virtual card payments, from your mobile device....

  • globalVCard spend secure bundles CSI’s corporate purchasing card with our award-winning mobile payment app, combining the security of virtual cards with the convenience of traditional plastic cards. Our free mobile app provides the ability to generate single-use virtual credit card numbers on-the-go, protecting your purchases from fraud. With globalVCard your business gains a powerful way to manage spending and control both virtual cards and your employee’s CSI-issued plastic cards in real-time, right from your mobile device.


    • Gain the convenience of mobile payments without the risk of fraud
    • Control employee spending and approve/block cards in real-time
    • Generate new revenue through monthly cash back rewards
  • Purchasing Cards
    CSI’s plastic credit card options can meet your company’s needs for fleet fuel or maintenance, corporate purchasing and T&E....

  • When plastic cards are needed, CSI can equip your business with purchasing cards that offer universal acceptance, online controls for real-time management, and another way to earn monthly cash back rewards on purchases. One card number per employee helps to ensure accountability and greatly simplifies the reporting and reconciliation process. Protect your business against theft with our fully customizable corporate card program that allows you to establish spending limits, restrict usage, and approve/block cards in real time.


    • Gain greater oversight and real-time control over employee spending
    • Easily track and report expenses with one card number per employee
    • Generate new monthly revenue on qualifying card programs