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Raleigh,  NC 
United States
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  • Delta Five Automated Insect Monitoring System
    Meet the only 24/7, Wi-Fi-enabled Automated Insect Monitoring System for bed bugs. Discreet and compact, Delta Five provides early detection. For mere pennies/occupied room, hoteliers can add a uniquely effective security system for their guests....

  • Delta Five, a technology innovator of robotics, automation, and unattended sensors, has rolled out their Automated Insect Monitoring System, the first and only 24/7, safe, Wi-Fi-enabled bed bug solution for hotels.  Discreet and compact, the provides unprecedented early detection of pests including bed bugs, and other bedroom and store-room insects.

    Delta Five’s system is 3X more effective than canines and human inspectors, and can cost 1/900th what they must charge for similar, round-the-clock performance.  Delta Five’s system is compact, attaches easily to out-of-sight surfaces and provides remote 24/7 monitoring with real-time notification. It utilizes an all-natural, odorless lure to attract bed bugs and other insects, which are noticed by the device’s internal cameras that, in turn, activate the traps. The WiFi enabled system immediately notifies users via email or SMS. Users can simultaneously track thousands of sites, view images of captured pests and see alerts on the Delta Five dashboard. Because the system traps the insects, disposal is also easy.

    For mere pennies per occupied room, hoteliers and other hosts are now able to add a new and uniquely effective type of security system for their guests.

    To learn more about Delta Five’s Automated Insect Monitoring System, visit us in Booth #510