HITEC Toronto Booth Cost Calculator

Enter your company type, expected number of aisle (inline) booths, and expected number of corner booths in the fields in the calculator below to view estimated booth fees for HITEC Toronto.

Company Type: Corporate Allied Sponsor (CAS) companies are those which have enrolled in the HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsor program before purchasing a booth. Companies not enrolled in the CAS program must select Standard as the company type. To enroll in the program and view program benefits, visit the Corporate Allied Sponsor website.

Aisle (Inline) Booths: any 10'x10' (100 sq ft) booth space with two neighboring booths on each side.

Corner Booths: any 10'x10' (100 sq ft) booth space with one neighboring booth on either side, and one side open to a cross aisle. 

All Island booths (20'x20' or larger) will always have four corner booth.

Disclaimer:  Costs shown on the calculator are intended only for the purposes of providing a cost estimate for anticipated booth fees at HITEC Toronto. Actual pricing may vary based on the booth(s) selected during the booth rental process. Always confirm booth pricing and total fees during your booth rental.