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  • 03-FlashPARCS Entry/Exit Smart Station
    A bluetooth-enabled, cloud-based kiosk with flexible software configurations, seamless integrations, and easy DIY maintenance that guarantees maximum uptime. The perfect gated solution for self-parking lots and garages....

  • Smart Design
    Entry/Exit Smart Station brings together all the essential elements needed to manage parking access and revenue control into a single elegant unit. Our physical kiosk is identical for entry, exit, or pay-on-foot. 

    The Entry/Exit Smart Station also is highly customizable to meet the demands of each parking facility. Whether it will be used to manage transients or monthlies, the software package is simply configured for each machine to meet the needs of the venue. 

    Easy Maintenance
    Our unique FlashCare Maintenance Kit contains all the major components, so operators can quickly replace parts in a matter of minutes, minimizing downtime.

    Cash Friendly Acceptance
    In addition to traditional credit card payment options, we offer in-lane cash acceptance options. Our cash machines offer an exact change only, or a bill note recycler (BNR) machine that boasts a four-denomination bill recycler, thus eliminating the need to empty and re-fill the machine quite as often.

    Worry-free PCI Compliance
    With FlashParking, you - the parking provider - outsource 98% of the PCI duties to us, the only Level 1 Service Provider. The result is instant and on-going complete PCI compliance. It’s that simple!

  • 01-FlashPARCS -- gated parking solution
    Access control is the name of the game in garage parking, but legacy equipment is expensive and difficult to maintain. That is until now -- FlashPARCS’ Smart Station brings together your essential parking access components into a single elegant solution....

  • FlashParking is all about perfecting the parking experience for both you and your customers. This means we are constantly creating new functionalities for our gated PARCS solution, FlashPARCS, to help streamline your operations and enhance the customer experience. Here are some of our latest hospitality-focused capabilities:

    • Hotel Room Key Integration
      This convenient new feature allows your guests to use their room key card to access the self-parking facility. Ask us about the type of key cards we are fully integrated with!

    • PMS Integration
      The FlashParking platform is fully integrated with all the top Property Management Systems (Galaxy Lightspeed, Micros Opera, Infor, and more) for assurance of accurate billing/posting, so the front of house is seamlessly aligned with parking operations.

    • PARCS Access
      With revenue, every minute counts! PARCS Access provides a quick way for valets to access a gated facility when parking vehicles and tracks who parks and retrieves each vehicle.

    • Garage Overnight PrePay
      Perfect for multi-use gated facilities, our Hotel Guest Prepay Module allows the hotel guest to prepay self-parking for the duration of their stay upon entering the facility. The hotel guest will use their prepaid ticket for in/out access throughout their stay. This module can be used in conjunction with your standard transient, pay-on-exit pricing structure.

    • Video-based Support Integration
      Our integration with Parker Video Intercom provides a fully integrated video-based intercom support system that will enable your guests to interact in real-time with a support call specialist.

    Link to product sheet for PARCS entry/exit Smart Station: https://www.flashparking.com/wp-content/uploads/Entry-Exit-Smart-Station-Product-Sheet.pdf

  • 02-FlashValet -- event and valet parking solution
    FlashValet offers a powerful cloud-based valet parking app for Apple® iOS-devices that could be managed in real-time and from virtually anywhere....

  • With the help of FlashValet, we can help make your valet and event parking headaches disappear for an overall better hospitality experience.

    With FlashParking, your GUESTS can:

    • Avoid Long Lines
      Guests can bypass lines by requesting their car and paying at one of our Pay-on-Foot/Vehicle Retrieval Smart Stations.

    • Remotely Request Vehicle
      Guests can remotely request their vehicle via text, Interactive Voice Response, or the front-desk operator.

    • Use Mobile Number as Valet Ticket
      Our ticketless valet option allows guests to use their mobile phone number as their ticket.
    • Bypass Cash for e-Payment Options
      FlashParking offers convenient electronic payment options via mobile payments or curbside with credit.

    With FlashParking, YOU get:

    • Worry-free PCI Compliance
      With FlashParking, you can outsource 98% of the PCI duties to us, the only Level 1 Service Provider in the parking industry.

    • No On-Site Servers
      The FlashParking platform runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, which means no on-site servers and no costly surprise software updates!

    • Seamless PMS Integrations
      The FlashParking platform is fully integrated with all the top Property Management Systems (Galaxy Lightspeed, Micros Opera, Infor, and more) for assurance of accurate billing/posting.

    • Real-time Customer Feedback
      Our electronic surveys sent post-transaction allow you to respond to feedback in real-time.
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