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Flyte Systems is the leading provider of subscription-based flight information, wayfinding and event information displays that enhance the travel experience and generate revenue.

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Generate Revenue with Flight Information

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  • Savvy hotel properties use flight information as a tool to increase occupancy and boost operational efficiency

    For airport hotels, having a flight screen on the premises is an invaluable resource for their traveling guests. What may not be immediately obvious are the advantages that these FlyteBoards create for the properties themselves. Take a look at how innovative hotels across the country are using Flyte Systems to boost efficiency and generate additional revenue.

    Profit from Delays & Cancellations

    If a guest sees that their flight is delayed or cancelled, what’s their most convenient option? Putting yourself in that situation, would you rather (a) stay in the comfort of your hotel or (b) pass the time in a stiff airport chair? Most of us would find that (a) would be our first preference.

    FlyteBoard gives guests the flexibility to extend their stays without leaving the hotel – converting flight cancellations into additional bookings. Have guests wait out a delay with a good read from your gift shop and a refreshing beverage from your lobby bar. The longer the guest is on your property, the more likely they are to consume on-site services.

    Augment your Staff

    Large-scale cancellations due to weather events and airline shut downs can be a nightmare for hotel staff. Airport hotels become a haven for the stranded, resulting in unexpected floods of distressed travelers.

    FlyteBoard helps your property anticipate events like these and adjust accordingly. Upon spotting multiple cancellations, augment your staff in preparation for a rush of stranded guests. Live Doppler radar can be included on a FlyteBoard as well, allowing staff to keep an eye on incoming storms.

    Save Valuable Time

    Built and ready out of the box while effortlessly simple to install, FlyteBoard is truly a key-turn solution. We’ll work alongside your team to get your display working quickly & smoothly – it’s as simple as “plug & play”. Then, give yourself a quick pat on the back since your job here is done.

    We understand that you have many other responsibilities to attend to, and we pride ourselves in taking care of the rest. Each of our displays is remotely monitored and supported round-the-clock, ensuring your traveling guests are consistently informed and saving your staff time for other tasks.

    We are proud to be the trusted provider of flight information for hotels as well as convention centers, corporate headquarters, training centers, parking facilities, passenger terminals, and numerous other businesses catering to air travelers. Contact us today to learn more about how FlyteBoard can boost customer satisfaction, improve productivity, and generate revenue at your location.

  • We Bring the Airport to You... and So Much More

    When traveling across the country, it is essential to keep track of your flight status. Many hotels recognize their guests’ need for this vital information and have implemented solutions from Flyte Systems, which provides real-time flight information boards and related travel products to subscribers around the world.

    The brand is a division of ITS, a leader in airport flight information displays. Vice President of Sales Scott Triphahn explains that the company got its start in 1960 when two broadcast engineers for WGN Channel 9 in Chicago started a side business.

    The duo provided engineering and specialty camera equipment for various markets, including aviation. One of their earliest jobs involved creating a camera and video system that filmed and broadcasted flight schedule flapper systems at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. “When you saw these monitors on a concourse, you would see flight changes being made on the display in the Ticket Lobby,” Triphahn says.

    50+ Years of Experience

    ITS moved into using digital computers and software in the 1970s, which has led “to where we are today,” he says. Flyte Systems not only provides the information to hotels and airports, but also serves convention centers, parking facilities, ground transportation centers, limo and taxi companies, and government agencies.

    “It’s been a real successful venture,” Triphahn says, adding that the brand goes beyond helping travelers. “The information that we provide in real time can be valuable to the staff as well.”

    It also can benefit a hotel’s business. If a guest sees that his flight has been delayed via a monitor in the hotel lobby or the television in his room, “That could change his decision on whether or not to leave the property,” Triphahn says.

    “That can always convert back to something monetary for the hotel, whether it be an additional night’s stay or time at the bar or restaurant,” he says. “We’re bringing the airport to the hotel.”

    Tailor Made

    ITS provides custom solutions to its clients. One hotel may want the flight information to occupy an entire screen, but another may want other information to appear on the screen as well.

    “We can size the content and provide a URL that they point their display to,” Triphahn says. “We can provide a number of different solutions when it comes to content both for end users and digital signage partners.”

    Those include providing a Doppler radar weather map that allows guests to see weather patterns and the reason why their flights may be delayed. “Weather is probably the biggest travel culprit that causes our systems to be the most valuable,” he says.

    Flyte Systems infobard also can design the presentation to fit the motif and décor of its clients’ locations. “We’re not just a software company that’s providing a tool,” Triphahn says.

    “We’re tailoring the solutions,” he says. “So once they get the equipment and they connect to the Internet, that’s all they need to do.”

    Satisfying Work

    Triphahn joined ITS in 1992 as a project manager and moved his way up the ranks. “I enjoy this business,” he says, adding that many at ITS, like him, enjoy and find satisfaction in their work.

    “The size of the company allows us to see the fruits of our labor,” he says. “We’re not just going through the mill. It’s ever changing and it’s not the same thing every day.”

    One area where he has found satisfaction is seeing the Flyte products in action; how they integrate with the property, how they are used and how they impact the lives of travelers and staff. “What once was a luxury, our products have become easy to implement and an amenity many have come to expect.”

    Much of the company’s business also is earned through repeat customers and referrals. “It’s a common practice for those who have been with us at one property to carry us to the next,” he says.

    He sees a strong future for ITS, which plans to add more complementary products to Flyte Systems as well as adopt new technologies. “We are always adapting, because the technology available continues to change,” he says, noting that the next innovations will take the company beyond smart TVs.

    “When these new products are made available, we get them to our R&D and we’re working with them,” Triphahn says. “We put in the effort to learn and understand what’s available and how we can leverage it for the good of our clients and their guests.”

    Featured in Leisure and Hospitality International. Piece by Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

    We are proud to be the trusted provider of flight information for hotels as well as convention centers, corporate headquarters, training centers, parking facilities, passenger terminals, and numerous other businesses catering to air travelers. Contact us today to learn more about how FlyteBoard can boost customer satisfaction, improve productivity, and generate revenue at your location.


  • FlyteBoard
    Real-Time Flight Information Display for Hotel Lobbies...

  • Displayed like familiar airport screens, FlyteBoard allows guests to quickly confirm the status of their flights. Our flight information comes directly from the airlines and airports, so your travelers receive the most accurate updates, 100% of the time.

    FlyteSystems works alongside your team to get FlyteBoard working quickly & smoothly – it’s as simple as “plug & play.” Additionally, FlyteBoard’s performance is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring your traveling guests are consistently informed.

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  • InfoBoard
    Touch Interactive, Virtual Concierge...

  • Showcasing your on-site services, dining, and retail options, InfoBoard directs traffic to your profit centers. Guests are presented with services and activities hand-selected by your hotel, extending their experience beyond the hotel doors.

    InfoBoard’s 24/7 availability allows information to be retrieved independently, reducing guest inquiries and saving your staff time. Interactive wayfinding helps visitors to navigate confidently throughout your property. Live event scheduling is an invaluable replacement for traditional paper, allowing you to publish last-minute updates instantly.

    Pick and choose the modules that benefit your hotel the most. Your display is designed uniquely around your property, creating a tailored amenity that’s one of a kind.

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  • EventDisplay
    Turn-key Meetings & Events Display Solution...

  • Eliminate guest confusion, reduce inquiries, and lessen paper waste with EventDisplay. This scalable signage system displays live event details with wayfinding and can support individual room signs. Information is scheduled through the provided user interface or automated via third-party integration.

    Allow guests to independently locate their destinations and save your staff time that would otherwise be spent directing visitors. EventDisplay is the simplest and easiest tool for displaying your property's meetings and events!

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