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    In-room entertainment options including more than 100 channels of HD programming for hotels, including HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime...

  • You may not be aware that more than half of guests now expect digital programming in their hotel rooms, with that number rising to 2/3 among business travelers. More and more hotels are now offering DIRECTV, and major hotel brands are now partnering with DIRECTV as their in-room entertainment of choice. In fact, DIRECTV now offers more than 100 channels of HD programming for hotels, including HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime, plus features to help hoteliers make the most of their available bandwidth.

    Hospitality WiFi is an authorized retailer of DIRECTV for hospitality properties, so you can now get WiFi, phone, in-room entertainment, and more all from one company.You already know about the unmatched service and support that Hospitality WiFi provides; now, by partnering with DIRECTV, we can help you make your guests even happier by offering in-room satellite HDTV service. There are many packages from which you can choose, with a wide variety of offerings to suit your guests and your budget.
  • Cloud-Based Dashboard
    Hospitality WiFi's Cloud-Based Dashboard makes it easier to gain insight and manage your guest network with real-time reporting....

  • Cloud-Based Dashboard: An Easier Way to Manage Guest Wi-Fi

    Guests have come to expect that they will have fast and easy Wi-Fi access wherever they stay. In a recent survey, 25% of hotel travelers reported that wireless service was inadequate during their last stay at a hotel, and nearly 40% of guests say that Wi-Fi impacts their decision to return. But with a variety of equipment across dozens or even hundreds of rooms and perhaps multiple properties, it can be difficult to manage your Wi-Fi network. Hospitality WiFi’s Cloud-Based Dashboard can help.

    The Dashboard includes some important real-time reporting to give you insight into your network. The features you can access will depend on your hotel flag and which equipment you have installed, but some key features include:

    • Bandwidth Utilization – This shows you how much of your bandwidth is being used. This feature requires an appropriate gateway device
    • Guest Satisfaction Scores trending over time – This scoring depends on brand requirements.
    • Equipment Status – If you’re using a completely supported Hospitality WiFi network, this will give you real-time Up/Down status so you can catch problems before your guests do.
    • Support Tickets – See who’s calling and why. If you know why guests are calling, we can often help you fix the underlying problem (for example, by addressing common login issues).
    • Network Lifecycle Clock – This 3-year clock lets you know when your WiFi network needs a refresh.
    • Auto-Bypass Feature – This feature requires a Radius gateway and tells you what devices (such as PlayStation or Roku) are being used by guests that are auto-bypassing the network login.

    Flexible and Easy to Manage

    Hospitality WiFi’s Dashboard helps you manage your guest Internet access, including creating pay plans and implementing tiered bandwidth and bandwidth upgrades. With the Dashboard, you can create and administer support call tickets and administrator and user reports, all from a single interface. The Dashboard offers an equipment outage notification system so you can be proactive about equipment issues before guests start complaining. The Dashboard also offers multiple user logins and tiers for administrators and hotel managers.

    Compatible with the Latest Technology

    The Dashboard is compatible with popular gateways such as Radius Gateway, Nomadix, HP, Zyxel, and others, and with commonly-used access points such as Ruckus, Proxim, Cisco, Meru, Engenius, Zyxel, and more.

    Made for the Hospitality Industry

    Created by hospitality industry integrators for integrators, the Dashboard not only has an easy-to-use interface, but also comes at a fraction of the cost of similar management systems. You can even brand the Dashboard with your company name and logo.

    The easy-to-use interface gives you access to the information you need to manage your network, including data about users and bandwidth consumption, payment plans, user bandwidth limits, throughput, support calls, and equipment status, as well as custom reports.

  • Centralized WiFi Authentication
    Centralized WiFi Authentication, aka "Remember Me," offers a better guest experience with easier logins...

  • Many of us recall the 1980s sitcom “Cheers,” about a pub where visitors felt welcome in an atmosphere where “everybody knows your name.” Wouldn’t it be nice to offer that same sort of experience to guests using your WiFi, where their devices can be recognized and easily welcomed onto your guest Internet instead of struggling to gain access?

    Right now, the #1 problem with guest WiFi is HTTPS page redirection – in other words, guests often contact technical support because they can’t get to your login page or can’t figure out how to log in through it. This is also one of the main reasons guests will rate your property’s WiFi poorly. But Hospitality WiFi has found a way to change that with Centralized WiFi Authentication.

    With Centralized WiFi Authentication, the first time a guest logs onto a Hospitality WiFi-managed network with a device, he or she will have the option to check “Remember Me” to include the device in our database. After that, the next time that device is seen on ANY of our networks – even in a different location – that device will be recognized and automatically authenticated.

    Benefits include:

    • Only one login per device needed- guests don’t need to log in again after timeout or in a different location
    • Automatic bypass for popular streaming and gaming devices, which can be tough to authenticate with HTTPS redirect pages
    • Increased guest satisfaction, decreased technical support calls, and improved guest feedback scores

    Centralized WiFi Authentication also offers possibilities for personalizing the guest experience. For example:

    • Customize and brand the user interface
    • Recognize and reward frequent guests, such as with additional bandwidth or discount offers
    • Integrate with existing loyalty programs
    • View analytics and usage statistics through our cloud-based management portal

    Make your guest WiFi experience even better with Centralized WiFi Authentication. Give us a call today!

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