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  • Cookie Consent Management
    Manage user consent and preferences with adaptable settings for various consent standards.

    GDPR Articles 4(11), 7, 21 & ePrivacy


  • Cookie Consent Management

    GDPR Articles 4(11), 7, 21 & ePrivacy

    Design and deploy tailorable cookie banners
    • Adjust banners by jurisdiction and consent type
    • Build a customizable preference center to provide user choice
    • Auto-generate a cookie disclosure from privacy scans results

  • Universal Consent & Preference Management
    Generate, store and sync consent records to demonstrate accountability

    GDPR Aritcles 4(11), 6-9...

  • Universal Consent & Preference Management

    GDPR Articles 4(11), 6-9

    • Integrate with marketing systems to generate records of consent
    • Develop exportable consent database for compliance
    • Enable a preference center to give users greater visibility and control
    • Allow users to exercise their right to withdraw consent

  • Website Compliance Scanning
    Conduct a privacy scan of websites to identify and categorize tracking technologies


  • Website Compliance Scanning


    • Identify cookies and tracking technologies with a website scan
    • Categorize against Cookiepedia, the world’s largest cookie database
    • Scan on a schedule to identify additional or removed cookies
    • Leverage the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework

  • Data Subject Rights Management
    Facilitate, document, and resolve data subject requests via a secure messaging portal

    GDPR Articles 12-22...

  • Data Subject Rights Management

    GDPR Articles 12-22

    • Build intake forms that feed requests directly into a structured queue
    • View all requests with the ability to filter and export reports
    • Communicate with data subjects via a secure message portal
    • Use pre-loaded, multilingual templates for consistent responses

  • Assessment Automation
    Streamline privacy assessments (PIA/DPIA) and generate regulator-ready reporting

    GDPR Articles 5, 24, 25, 35 & 36...

  • Assessment Automation

    GDPR Articles 5, 24, 25, 35 & 36

    • Automate PIAs, DPIAs, and Privacy by Design (PbD) completion
    • Use or edit pre-loaded assessment templates to reduce workload
    • Build a respondent-approver workflow for greater accountability
    • Automatically flag and prioritize risks to benchmark compliance

  • Data Inventory & Mapping
    Create a comprehensive data inventory and map for processing activities and assets...

  • Data Inventory & Mapping

    GDPR Articles 6, 30 & 32

    • Build a central inventory of assets and processing activities
    • Leverage bulk imports and integrations to migrate inventory
    • Add detail with pre-configured or custom data elements
    • Visualize cross-border data transfers and asset map

  • Vendor Risk Management
    Review and remediate vendor risks with detailed privacy and security templates

    GDPR Articles 24, 28, 29, 32, 44-49...

  • Vendor Risk Management

    GDPR Articles 24, 28, 29, 32, 44-49

    • Use pre-loaded research-backed templates or upload your own
    • Enable your vendors to complete detailed risk assessments
    • Identify any compliance risks during vendor evaluations
    • Centralize vendor audit information for greater visibility

  • Incident & Breach Management
    Assess incidents to inform breach notification decisions and provide reporting

    GDPR Articles 33 & 34...

  • Incident & Breach Management

    GDPR Articles 33 & 34

    • Cross-reference existing data inventory to understand incident scope
    • Evaluate risks to individuals to inform breach notification requirements
    • Enable users to report incidents via a self-service portal
    • Maintain a full incident audit log for regulatory reporting

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