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  • SecureTablePay
    SecureTablePay is an EMV pay-at-the-table solution, for both chip and sign and chip and pin cards. With a decade of field-proven innovation in over 2,000 restaurant installations, SecureTablePay is now fully certified and available in the US marketplace....

    • Fully certified for the U.S.

      • Certified and tested with the leading payment processors in the U.S.
    • Proven in the field for more than a decade

      • SecureTablePay has been deployed in over 2,000 locations across Canada for over a decade
    • Works with most POS systems and leading payment processors

      • SecureTablePay works with more than 20 restaurant management systems
    • EMV chip and sign as well as chip and pin, contactless / tap / NFC

      • SecureTablePay currently supports both chip and sign as well as chip and pin payment procedures and can determine which payment procedure is needed on the fly.
    • EMV chip and sign as well as chip and pin, contactless / tap / NFC

      • Other pay-at-the-table devices require you to “send” the check to the device before accepting payment. SecureTablePay will “pull” the check to the pinpad without requiring the server to go hunt it down at the POS station
    • Servers can view all open tables or a specific on

      • Servers can see their open tables right from the pinpad. They can also pull up a table just by entering its number on the pinpad device
    • Pinpads are not paired to a specific POS station or server

      • The pinpad is independent of the POS station while other pay-at-the-table solutions require you to “marry” the pinpad to a specific workstation. This means that with other solutions, you can only have one pinpad per workstation, and while the pinpad is in use, you cannot use the POS station. With SecureTablePay you can have as many pinpads as your business requires and they won’t tie up your POS station while in use
    • Any server or pinpad can view and accept payments for any table

      • The SecureTablePay pinpad is independent of the POS but still talks directly to it. This allows any server to pick up any pinpad and pull their tables and checks to the pinpad for payment
    • Automatic tip calculator with percentages and/or dollar amounts

      • Let the pinpad do the math with pre-selected suggested percentages while allowing the client to opt out and type in a percentage or dollar amount of their choice
    • Pinpad closes the table and completes full payment reconciliation remotely so the server does not need to dock the pinpad between transactions

      • SecureTablePay is a semi-integrated solution that talks directly to the Restaurant Management System. This means after a server receives payment on the pinpad they do not have to go back to a POS station to finalize the check. It’s all done right at the table via the wireless connection and the pinpad is ready for the next transactions
    • Multiple language presentation

    • Accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty and point cards

    • Works with mobile wallets: Apple Pay and Android Pay

      • SecureTablePay supports all the major contactless forms of payment supported by the leading US payment processors
    • Bluetooth connectivity to the terminal base

      • The pinpad uses a secure Bluetooth connection between the device and the POS to keep your data safe with a range of up to 300 feet which gives plenty of roaming coverage
    • Makes POS out of scope for PCI compliance requirements

      • SecureTablePay not only integrates with over 20 POS systems, but it also takes them “out of scope”. This means the processing is done securely at the pinpad instead of being put through a card swipe at the POS terminal. As such, the credit card data is not going through the POS terminals which takes the POS terminal out of the scope for PCI compliance.
      • You always need to be PCI compliant, but since no cardholder sensitive data gets exchanged between the payment terminal and your POS system, SecureTablePay will reduce your PCI scope
    • Multichannel ready: wireless for table service, wired for QSR and drive-thru, and 3G for delivery

      • SecureTablePay is not limited to pay-at-the-table. The software is ready, out of the box, to handle processing via any channel available to pinpads today. Mix and match tethered, wireless, Bluetooth and 3G pinpads to suit any business need
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