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  • Ælement Fusion
    SALTO’s Ælement Fusion electronic lock offers invisible innovation compatible with RFID, NFC and BLE technologies. The sleek reader – accentuated by an interactive light ring that illuminates when a credential is presented – blends with any décor....

  • SALTO's Ælement Fusion is an electronic lock with a sleek reader accentuated by an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented, providing a minimalistic design that blends with any hotel décor.

    Ælement Fusion eliminates lock hardware on the door by encasing all electronic components inside the door itself, making security virtually invisible. Enclosing the lock hardware inside the door – instead of just above the handle, as is customary – gives the door a stylish and sleek appearance. Security is also further enhanced by placing all lock components within the door.

    Despite the “invisible innovation” and the absence of traditional door lock hardware, the Ælement Fusion performs just as any SALTO electronic lock. It combines SALTO’s stand-alone, battery-powered electronic lock technology and SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card, advanced wireless technology with online, real-time monitoring and mobile access technology with NFC & BLE capabilities.

  • XS4 Mini
    Stylish design being inherent to SALTO's DNA, the XS4 Mini escutcheon complies with the rule by providing a small, discreet lock, with an aesthetic LED covering the top. Available with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology....

  • The XS4 Mini escutcheon has a top-quality zinc-alloy construction and offers a compact, easy to install eletronic lock design. Mifare- DESfire and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies allow it to work with conventional smartcards and /or via SALTO's JustIN Mobile app. The XS4 Mini's installation is simple enough for a hotel to upgrade and replace mechanical key operated back-of-house door locks with the latest electronic access control solution suitable for a wide range of applications. Power is supplied via three AA batteries, with batery life good for up to three years of normal operation. When batteries run low, the XS4 Mini uses both audible and visual indicators. Batteries can be easily replaced within minutes.
  • SALTO JustIN Mobile App
    SALTO’s JustIN Mobile Uses Smartphones, Bluetooth To Open Hotel Guest Doors. Works Seamlessly with SALTO Ælement Fusion.

  • SALTO’s JustIN Mobile application uses innovative technology to swap access cards for smartphones, saving users valuable time and money.

    JustIN Mobile replaces the need for a physical access card by securely sending a room key “Over the Air” (OTA) from SALTO’s ProAccess SPACE management software to a registered and verified iOS or Android device. The phone then uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to send a signal to the door’s electronic locks. If the phone is lost or stolen, access can immediately be updated via ProAccess SPACE.

    JustIN Mobile communicates securely via the Cloud, enabling hotel guests to receive their room key online, anytime and anywhere. The JustIN Mobile app is completely secure as keys cannot be duplicated, unlike mechanical keys or some low-security RFID technologies. The encrypted data transfer uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) AES 128-bit encryption opening procedures to ensure a secure transmission.

    JustIN Mobile’s features add incredible flexibility and usability to a SALTO installation. It’s the perfect cost-cutting solution for hotels that issue countless room keys daily. By eliminating the physical key, hotels can reduce check-in times since guests can bypass the front desk and go directly to their room. They can also reduce cost associated with not having to physically issue or replace room keys.


    JustIN Mobile works seamlessly with SALTO products like the Ælement Fusion, an electronic lock with a sleek reader accentuated by an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented. The almost “invisible” Ælement Fusion provides a minimalistic design that blends with any hotel décor.

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