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  • Shuttleq,com Shuttle Transportation Management
    ShuttleQ allows managers, drivers the front desk to effectively communicate, track and handle all hotel guest transportation tasks: dispatches, pickups, drop-offs, reservations waitlist, parking GPS tracking...

  • service eliminates the unilateral and inefficient chain of communication of transportation & parking management by creating an open arena for bi-lateral information flow, focusing on three (3) aspects of transportation customer relationship management:


    Constant connectivity between front desk staff, managers and drivers through real-time updates via our cloud-based software allows drivers to be apprised of route changes and pick-up schedules in real time, while allowing drivers the ability to update the business with customer and road information, also in real-time. Drivers are connected to the software through their mobile devices (iPhone and Android) for easy, immediate access to the management system.


    Businesses can take or place transportation reservations, contact customers, send reminders and keep customers informed of changes to transportation schedule or pick-up location, all from one service, utilizing information updated in real-time by the front desk or drivers. Business can address customer concerns immediately upon contact without having to drop the customer to contact the driver, having updated driver and route information available to them at all times via the management screen. Shuttleq has real-time SMS & mobile message communication with Guest, Driver & Management!


    By having instant, on-demand contact access to customers, drivers can interact with customers directly and inform them of delays or changes in pick-up or drop-off scheduling. With the most recent update to the software, the system will now also track the GPS location of the customer.

    By dispatching, scheduling and managing all aspects of customer pick-ups and drop-offs utilizing one, united, cloud-based, intuitive system, the business, the driver and the customer can remain apprized, up-to-date and in constant communication. The solution will increase efficiency, save money and increase customer satisfaction.


    We live and operate or businesses in a connected, fast-moving world. Our customers have instant access to multiple social media and review sites via their smart phones -- any customer can turn from guest into harsh critic with just a few clicks. Once posted, their negative review over just one negative aspect of their experience with your business will be seen by millions of other internet users, and has the potential of turning away many future customers. The transportation service is the first experience your customer encounters. If they are forced to wait too long, if they do not know where their shuttle is, or worse, do not get picked up at all due to a lapse in communication, the customer will get impatient and frustrated quickly. First impressions mean everything -- even if they don't immediately take to the internet to write a negative review about your business, if your customer's first impression is a negative one, this impression will color the rest of their experience with your business, and may influence their review after.

    On review sites and on, 38% of ALL negative reviews are based on the quality of the business's transportation service. To put this in perspective, if your business has 100 total reviews -- 50 positive and 50 negative, out of the 50 negative customer reviews, 19 reviews could be influenced by the quality of your transportation service management. Increased customer satisfaction through better, more efficient management of your transportation service can swing your customer approval rating from 50% to 70%.

    Looking for even more positive customer reviews? will send a brief request for feedback to evaluate the transportation service upon completing a customer drop-off.

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