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  • SuitePad Digital Guest Directory
    SuitePad’s in-room tablet combines the guest directory, travel guide, entertainment, room service and hotel shop. With SuitePad, you’ll attract maximum attention to your outlets and services, and ensure efficient marketing....

  • Higher sales revenue

    Maximise the benefits offered by SuitePad to profitably promote your hotel and its services. If the restaurant or spa has free slots available, a last-minute push notification can be sent to guests to increase capacity utilisation. Sell hotel vouchers and house-made souvenirs to generate additional revenue.

    Improved guest communications

    Welcome your guests with a personalised message, or inform them of last-minute offers. A live chat and quick feedback function enable guests to share their questions, praise or complaints with you so you can quickly respond, while the integrated telephone function is a convenient way for your guests to make and receive calls.

    Lower costs, more streamlined processes

    Up-to-date guest directories, room service menus and newspapers drive up operational costs. A central solution won’t just save you the costs associated with providing these services, you’ll also be able to refinance initial investments through additional sales revenue.

  • SuitePad BYOD
    The SuitePad BYOD solution offers all the functions of a hotel app. A direct link gives hotel guests access to your digital guest directory from their own smartphone, laptop or tablet, without any downloads or registration....

  • Offer your guests hotel information or services even while they’re on the go.

    Guests can use their own end devices to find out about hotel services, sightseeing tips and restaurant recommendations, arrange a spa treatment, or book their next stay. Without needing to install another hotel app. Hotel apps which first need to be installed on the guest’s smartphone or tablet show low engagement rates compared to SuitePad’s Bring Your Own Device solution. On average, fewer than two percent of every 100 guests actually download hotel apps.

    The SuitePad BYOD solution instead gives your guests access to your digital guest directory via a personalised link – retrievable using any Internet browser, irrespective of device or location. As such, you can offer your guests and benefits and functions of a hotel app without having to invest lots of money in development, design and marketing.

  • SuitePad Lobby
    The SuitePad Lobby solution turns the Sony Xperia Touch android projector into a digital guest engagement tool for the hotel lobby....

  • Every guest visits the lobby during their stay – an opportunity to systematically steer guest attention to your property’s services and outlets.

    The Sony SRXD technology enables projections on horizontal and vertical surfaces, meaning hotel information such as parking fees or restaurant/spa opening hours can not only be projected onto the wall or reception desks, but can also become interactive. When the reception area is busy at peak check-in/check-out times, the SuitePad Lobby Software and Xperia Touch can expertly bridge guest waiting times, take the pressure off your staff, and use the reception as a hotel point of sale.

    The easier way to up-sell

    Convince your hotel guests of the benefits of a room upgrade right from check-in. Using a projector, reception staff can provide information on room features and perfectly present the various room categories through virtual tours.

    Encourage cross-selling

    Additional services such as a massage at the spa, a dinner at the restaurant or souvenirs from the hotel shop, are easier to sell with informative images or videos which can instantly be displayed to guests via the interactive projector.

    Attract new regular guests

    Want to attract new members to your loyalty programme? Then use the projector in your lobby to inform guests of membership benefits and facilitate registration.

    Increase the readership of your hotel newsletter

    The SuitePad Lobby Software offers many different ways to increase the readership of your hotel newsletter. A prominently placed registration button or push notification can help you generate newsletter subscriptions, instantly during the check-out process.

    Bridge your guests’ waiting times

    Your guests will appreciate fast, friendly check-in. But when the lobby is busy, they often end up having to wait around. Give your guests the chance to bridge these waiting times and instantly retrieve information on the hotel and surrounding area.

    Digital concierge

    The Xperia Touch helps your concierge advise and attend to your guests. A connection to theGoogle Play Store enables the integration of external taxi service apps, chauffeur service apps and Google Maps, as well as providing guests with information on day trips, weather and flight schedules.

  • SuitePhone
    VoIP for Hospitality - The low cost alternative to the classic hotel telephone. Make calls without any additional hardware, setup costs or maintenance costs....

  • SuitePhone is SuitePad’s integrated telephone function which enables you to avoid making cost-intensive investments in hotel telephone systems. With SuitePhone, your hotel guests will also be able to make calls using our in-room tablets.

    Easy to use

    The telephone app pre-installed on the SuitePad enables calls with external business partners, between rooms, and with reception – without the need for a physical headset or wire.

    No purchase or operating costs

    By saving on setup costs, a reduced base charge and the option of monthly cancellation (for virtual systems), you’ll remain flexible and spare yourself ongoing operating costs.

    Everything in one device

    SuitePhone combines the digital guest directory, hotel phone, concierge tips and entertainment in one device, fulfilling the guest’s basic need of communicating with the hotel.

    External calls

    The SuitePad phone function enables guests to easily and conveniently use the hotel phone via speaker. If they want to have longer or private conversations, they can connect their headset to the device.

    Free internal calls

    Just as with classic telephone systems, calls made within the property using the hotel WiFi are free of charge.

    Click & call access

    Depending on what the guest is looking at on the SuitePad at the time, they can be connected with the right department with the press of a button.

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