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  • Schedule Xpress
    Reduce scheduling effort by as much as 95% with Schedule Xpress, an easy to use, advanced scheduling tool for building, managing, and communicating schedules with your employees....

  • Schedule Xpress is a powerful tool that will reduce scheduling effort and time by up to 95%. With Schedule Xpress, you can build, manage, and communicate schedules with your employees.

    • Flexible Filtering - Display only the information you need in helping you make decisions by filtering the schedule. Save filters so that they can quickly be recalled when needed.
    • Shift Editing - Quickly make one-off or bulk updates to schedules using drag & drop, cut or copy, delete shifts and much more. If you make a mistake, quickly undo it. If something changes in your schedule, make a bulk update to all the changed fields. You can also save the schedule as a template so that it can be reused for a future period, saving even more time.
    • Availability and Time-Off Requests - Easily overlay availability and time off requests to eliminate scheduling conflicts.
    • Communications - Notify team members of new schedules and any shift changes automatically. Quickly see who has not acknowledged the additions or changes to take corrective action. In-app chat can be used to send messages to employees who can view and reply via Team Xpress.
    • Find Replacements - Quickly find replacements for one or more shifts while ensuring business rules, such as qualifications and overtime, are followed. Schedule Xpress will show how many of the business rules a replacement employee will pass adhere to giving the supervisor flexibility in choosing a replacement. 
    • Labor Forecasting - Schedule Xpress allows companies to setup their events and define how much labor they will need based on demand ratios while also specifying minimum staff requirements. Shifts can then automatically be created and filled using all the automation tools available. Events can be saved and recalled for future use.

  • Team Xpress
    Team Xpress is a powerful tool from Celayix, allowing you to easily manage your workforce. It provides your team members with a suite of tools for scheduling, communicating, and time & attendance....

  • Team Xpress is an easy to use schedule management tool for your team members, providing real-time, 24/7/365 access to their schedules. Capabilities include notifications of shift changes, alerts of upcoming shifts, supervisor messages and more.

    • Dashboard - Provide team members access to summary and time sensitive information at their fingertips. This includes notifications, upcoming shift alerts, supervisor messages and more.
    • Schedules and Change Notifications - Team members can view and confirm their schedules, as well as receive and acknowledge any shift changes.
    • Self-Scheduling - Team members can self-schedule by seeing only shifts that meet predefined company rules. Examples include time of day, seniority, skills, overtime rules, and more.
    • Availability - Dramatically reduce communication efforts and improve accountability by allowing team members to submit their availability based on their preferences.
    • Time Off Requests - Team members can submit time off requests (ex. sick time, vacation, etc.) for approval as well as view accrual balances.
    • Messaging - Communicate in real time through in-app messaging, eliminating the need to use other methods such as email, text, or phone.
    • Clock-in/out with Geofencing - Real time capture of time and attendance information using optional geofencing. From check-in to check-out, safety checks, and breaks, managers are alerted in real time of any violations.
    • Time Sheets - Capture time sheet information that can be reviewed and approved by supervisors and managers.
  • Time Xpress
    Celayix Time Xpress provides supervisors with a suite of powerful tools to collect and review time, monitor attendance, and communicate with team members, all in real-time and on the go.


  • Celayix Time Xpress provides supervisors with a mobile suite of powerful tools to collect and review time, monitor attendance, and communicate with team members, all in real-time. Features include time collection, attendance monitoring, customer site status and more!

    • Time Collection - Time Xpress automates and streamlines employee time collection from a variety of devices including mobile, web, tablet, or physical clocks, all in real time for up to date monitoring and payroll information.
    • Monitor Attendance - Time Xpress reduces time theft by ensuring employees not only clock into the correct shift, but clock-in on time and at the right location. Real time alerts display a visual tracking of all sites, allowing supervisors to take action.
    • Find Replacements - Time Xpress gives supervisors an easy and quick way to find replacements, all while ensuring replacements are qualified, available, avoid overtime conflicts, and fit business rules.
    • Messaging - With Celayix, create a standard for communication through in-app messaging and texting capabilities removing the need for multiple communication forms. Provide your team with a single, reliable source for day-to-day communications.
  • Voice Xpress
    Voice Xpress automates the communication between organizations and their employees using the telephone....

  • Voice Xpress automates the communication between organizations and their employees using the telephone. It is ideal for a mobile workforce that does not have guaranteed access to the internet.

    Features and Benefits

    • Publish Schedules - Employees who dial in are granted access to schedules 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Clock In/Out - Record employee attendance with mobile or landline telephone connections. Mobile workforces can be tracked and monitored by caller identification.
    • Safety Checks - Monitor the health and safety of employees working in remote locations.
    • Automated Alerts - Managers can be instantly alerted to no shows or late check-ins when employees fail to clock-in/out within specified time frames or when not using authorized telephones.
    • Simplified Menu Structure - Only options applicable to the action that an employee must take will be presented making it easy to perform the action and exit the system.
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