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Brands: Celayix Labor Scheduling and Workforce Management Solutions dramatically reduce manual effort and errors while providing a strong return on investment. Scheduling, Communications and Time & Attendance


  • Celayix Team Xpress
    Team Xpress is an easy to use scheduling management tool for your team members providing real-time, 24/7/365 access to their schedules....

  • Team Xpress is an easy to use scheduling management tool for your team members providing real-time, 24/7/365 access to their schedules. Powerful capabilities include notifications of shift changes, alerts of upcoming shifts, supervisor messages and more. Best part? All of this is available through both the web and mobile app.

    Communicating with your employees is key. Team Xpress allows you to easily manage your workforce and their day-to-day operations

    Highlights of Team Xpress for Your Business Operations:

    • Publish shifts for 24/7, 365 employee viewing
    • Collect check ins/outs using geofencing
    • Publish shifts for employees to view and self-schedule
    • Get alerts of late or missed shifts
    • Collect precise time capture for accurate record keeping, billing, payroll, and compliance
    • Collect acknowledgement from employees when shift details change
    • Collect availability and time off request from employees
    • Communicate via chat in real time with employees

    Highlights of Team Xpress for Your Employees:

    • View and confirm upcoming shifts as well as acknowledge shift changes anywhere, anytime.
    • Clock in/out of shifts and breaks with and without geofencing
    • Self-Schedule into open shifts
    • Submit availability to supervisors in real time ensuring accurate schedules are created
    • Submit time off requests through the app for manager approval
    • Submit Time Sheets
    • Communicate via chat with other employees and supervisors
    • Manage contact information
  • Celayix Time Xpress
    Celayix Time Xpress provides supervisors with a suite of powerful tools to collect and review time, monitor attendance, and communicate with team members, all in real-time and on the go....

  • Celayix Time Xpress provides supervisors with a suite of powerful tools to track time collection, monitor attendance, and communicate with team members, all in real-time and on the go. 

    Time Collection
    Supervisors can manage and reconcile time collected from multiple sources including web apps, timesheets, and physical devices.


    Supervisors can clock employees in/out of shifts, and record meal breaks and safety checks directly from the app ensuring accurate time records are kept.


    Attendance Monitoring 
    Time Xpress via alerts, reduces time theft by ensuring employees not only clock into the correct shift, but clock-in on time and at the right location. The Map view displays a visual tracking of all sites, while also allowing a supervisor to take action. 


    Find Replacements
    Time Xpress gives supervisors an easy and quick way to find replacements, ensuring replacements are not only qualified and available but also fit into your business rules and avoid overtime conflicts. 


    Communicate with employees in real time through in-app messaging, eliminating the need to use other methods such as email, text, or phone.

  • Celayix Schedule Xpress
    With Schedule Xpress, you can build, manage, and communicate schedules with your employees....

  • Schedule Xpress is an easy to use scheduling tool. It gives schedulers 24/7/365 access to review and modify employee schedules from wherever they have access to the web.

    Schedule Xpress includes many powerful features including:

    • Capability to create and assign employees to shifts or publish shifts so that employees can self-select shifts that fit into their own schedule

    • Ability to view the scheduling information in a layout that fits the business needs including but not limited to customer, employee, site, location and based on specified timeframes such as monthly, weekly, daily or even a custom time window.

    • Productivity tools that allow users to quickly update multiple shifts at the same time, and copy/paste one or multiple shifts.

    • Customize forms to show only the information that is required and in the order that is preferred.

    • Find replacements for shifts when employees say they can no longer work a shift with flexibility to see a ranked list of people who match the requirements.

    • With a few clicks, quickly reassign shifts from one employee to another which is useful when someone leaves the company.

    • Ability to use labor forecasting to create shifts based on specified ratios

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