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  • DAH Mini-CMTS: High-speed internet to every room
    Our solutions bring you high speed internet and WiFi hotspots troughout your building for an affordable cost by reclaiming the unused capacity of your existing infrastructure....

  • Harness the full power of your existing TV cable. 

    We offer a simple solution for providing streaming TV and Wi-Fi to every room using only the existing coaxial TV cabling. Our solution enables you to increase your customer experience and revenue by creating the platform to deliver the online services that today’s guests demand

    Your existing HDTV services and FM radio channels only use around 35 % of the capacity of your coax cabling. TV channels and data can be provided to every guest room using only this cable.

    DAH provides fibre experience over coax

    Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH) brings high-speed broadband connections and broadcast TV to your customers. The DAH works in existing two-way coax networks, and is an ideal broadband solution for the hospitality sector and for MDU applications requiring business broadband and managed wireless services.

    Key benefits:

    • Wired internet access to every room

    • Gigabit Ethernet capacity

    • No new cabling

    • Quick to install - even in 24 hours

    • No disruption of hotel operations

    • Wired internet access & Wi-Fi hotspot in every guest room

    • Data Gateway for IOT and Smart living services

    • All without interruption to the existing TV channels

    • Uses proven and reliable DOCSIS technology

    • Supports all DOCSIS 3.0 in room devices and access points

    Deliver Gigabit data to every hotel room 60 % cheaper – and even in 24 hours.

    Learn about the benefits of utilising the existing coaxial cabling for high-speed data network in hotels on our webinar recording!

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  • Teleste Luminato - A TV headend-in-a-box
    Receive, decode, manage and distribute all of your broadcast and local TV channels in one
    easy to use platform....

  • The Luminato Headend platform provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for live content processing of DVB-X and/or IPTV delivery

    Luminato receives and decodes all of the TV feeds coming into your building, and then lets you send out only the channels you actually need, while adding
    any locally generated channels, digital signage feeds, and emergency broadcast messages.

    Its compact design replaces a whole pile of set top boxes and receivers, putting everything under your control with one simple graphical interface

    With over 8500 chassis in the field already, there is a Luminato system for everyones needs.

    Key benefits:

    • Receive and manage content from various sources

    • Create a channel lineup fitted for your customers preferences

    • Provide a complete electronic program guide

    • Replace piles of set-top boxes

    • Save space and minimize power consumption

    • Remote management and extensive support services

    • Unparalled reliability and easy management

    • Intuitive drag and drop user interface

    • Fully scalable to cover any amount of TV channels and sources

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