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    IRECKONU Core is the foundation of our product line, focusing on consolidating data from multiple PMS systems, as well as being able to monitor the data gathered in an easy to use, quickly accessible portal....

  • Product Features 

    Monitoring - All systems that are integrated with the Ireckonu Middleware will have basic event monitoring. Each of these events are tracked by SaaS product group and stored in the Monitoring section of the Ireckonu Admin Portal.

    At the time of setup, Ireckonu will work with your group to define the appropriate business logic around event triggers. Additionally, if your group has integrated a third-party operations platform such as ALICE or HotSOS, the Monitoring system can submit tickets to these systems defined as part of the business logic in the setup process.

    Auto-Heal - If your solution includes both CRS and PMS integrations, The Auto-Heal system will automatically monitor and ensure reservation delivery is completed.

    If, for example, the Auto-Heal system detects an incomplete message from the CRS down to the PMS due to PMS availability issues, the system will continuously try to deliver the complete reservation message to the PMS until it is successful. An event log of this process is captured in the Monitoring section of the Ireckonu Admin Portal.

    API Portal - To connect any system to the middleware, you have to use an API. If you want to build a new system, you can build it towards this API, making sure it’s fully integrated with the middleware.

    The APIs show exactly which information is being communicated. This way, the developers can build towards this necessary information. This can include but is not limited to creating an app, looking up a reservation, or creating a booking.

    Dashboard - Provides high-level, multi-property consolidated insights to all things related to reservations, bookings and this week’s ADR, RevPar, Booking, Revenue and more.

    Core Dashboard includes:

    • Monitoring - Compete overview to integrated systems & Compiled session logs;
    • Reservation look up (across all connected properties)
    • List of guests arriving today; Reporting.

    ARI Cache - Depending on the CRS and PMS providers that are integrated into IRU CORE, the ARI Cache system will cache anywhere from 30-120 days of Availability, Rates, & Inventory (ARI) from the CRS or PMS.

    The ARI caching system is made available to the cloud-based SWAGGER API portal and can provide another API interface for shopping your hotel in real-time. This level of high availability caching is typically used for high demand systems that require limited latency such as mobile Apps and custom website booking engines.

    Res Store - Ireckonu CORE system is connected to both the CRS and PMS the Reservation Data Store (Res Store) captures all bookings made in each system into a single data warehouse. Based on the defined business logic for Ireckonu CORE, this res data is normalized regardless of its originating source.

    A basic reporting Dashboard is part of the Res Store product and provides a comprehensive view of all reservations made by both the PMS and CRS in real-time.

    Support - Ireckonu CORE comes with ticket level support for items related to the platform or communications with integrated systems. All tickets submitted will be addressed within the time limits defined based on the priority. 

  • IKnowU
    IKnowU is the gateway of all guest/user information. The connective features within IKnowU create segmented, specified guest profiles by matching, merging, and deduping identical profile information across multiple properties in a hotel chain....

  • Product Features 

    Profile - The IKnowU platform will become the system of record for all user profile data for your hotel(s). All guest information, ranging from name and date to potential duplicate profiles, are stored and viewable in the profile portal.

    Admins have the ability to click on any specific guest within their hotel via profile lookup and check for even more specified information about the guests stay, RFM, loyalty number, personal preferences, etc. If a guest's profile does not exist and needs to be added, an admin can also create a guest profile that would automatically be input within the IKnowU profile portal.

    Social Enrichment - The IKnowU profile platform gives hoteliers the most detailed look into their guest as possible. Once a guest checks into the hotel using their credentials, the IKnowU platform uses it's built in social crawler to pull any social media profiles that are associated with the guests’ email.

    This newfound data is automatically added to the guests IKnowU profile, providing hoteliers a personal look into their guest’s social media.

    Match & Merge  The IKnowU platform comes with an advanced Match & Merge algorithm that cleans and households all profile records in the Profile as a Service data warehouse. The Match and Merge manager allows the data admin the ability to de-dupe and merge records that fall outside of the defined auto-match and merge criteria.

    Identity Management - The IKnowU platform has effectively separated identity management (username and password) from a guest’s profile, allowing hoteliers to provide a guest with options on logging into their profile, as well as changing their credentials without completely creating a new profile.

    Due to IKnowU's full integration with Auth0, admins are able to automatically change guest-sensitive information such as email and password, while also selecting which social platforms a guest can use to log into their personal guest profile.

  • IConnectU
    IConnectU is the enabler of true guest experience on-premises. The IConnectU product uses an on-premises Virtual Machine (VM) to interconnect all the systems that run within the hotel, from key card management to floor plan monitoring....

  • Product Features

    On Prem VMIConnectU comes with physical hardware on the premises of the hotel. It can be a server that’s provided and maintained by us or a virtual machine on the already existing server of the hotel. 

    The communication goes from the inside-out so it doesn’t require an open port in the firewall. The Virtual Machine communicates back from the outside-in via a highly secured tunnel that’s created from the inside-out, making data communication between on premises and above property extremely safe.

    Key Management - Updated in real-time as housekeeping cleans and inspects a room, the system reports the status of the room, floor by floor, room by room. Hoteliers have the ability to see the operational status of each connected system including TV’s, Lighting, HVAC, etc. With PMS’s that support it, IConnectU can automatically take rooms out of order due to key system failures such as TV’s, HVAC, and Door issues.

    Operations Dashboard - All operational information from every connected property is showcased and viewable in a live dashboard. Because of the hybrid architecture of the IConnectU, this information is available at any place all over the world, including error messages, system warnings, overbookings, and more. 

    Network Monitoring - Network monitoring gives an operational and guest experience improvement. This feature monitors the status and the speed of the network inside the hotel, facilitaing change based upon the amount of guests using the wifi and the overall efficiceny of the connected WiFi network. 

  • Kiosk Check-In/Web-Mobile Check-in
    Ireckonu enables the ability to provide their partners with an interactive kiosk/mobile check-in feature, accelerating regular check-in/out times and providing guests the ability to check-in 24 hours prior to arrival....

  • Product Features

    Kiosk - Our interactive express check-in kiosk/payment terminal allows guests to co-create their own check-in process, pay for their reservation, and check into the hotel in a matter of minutes. Kiosk's/payment terminals are monitored and updated live with insights on kiosk usage, occupancy, and functionality, displaying errors and inactive kiosks within the kiosk dashboard. 

    Web Mobile App - Powered by IRECKONU Core, the fully functioning mobile app provides guests with the ability to check-in prior to arrival. The functionalities are catered specifically to the partners needs, giving the guests ability to request extra amenities during their stay, upgrade their reservation options (add breakfast, request late check-out, etc), and completely check-in/out of the hotel straight through their mobile device.

    Functionalities increase with IConnectU, enabling the guests to access and change their room controls, open & close blinds, change the temperature, etc. 

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