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  • Corserva Hospitality IT Services
    Corserva can procure, install, integrate, and maintain your technology systems, including electronic access controls (keyless door locks), enterprise-grade WiFi, energy management, smart TVs, content casting, digital signage, and more....

  • The hospitality industry is at a tipping point where guest expectations are significantly ahead of the technology-enabled services capabilities of most properties. Hotels and resorts that invest in innovative technologies can increase revenue, improve guest loyalty, and reduce operating expenses.

    Hoteliers need to invest in the right technology to enhance the guest experience and operate properties more profitably. But it is frustrating to deal with the multitude of technology decisions to be made, and it can be difficult to determine how disparate systems will work together. You may not have enough internal IT staff to support today’s complicated technologies.

    Corserva understands. We partner with you to deploy the next generation technology solutions that will create positive reviews while reducing your operating expenses. We can install and support standalone technology solutions that work within your existing infrastructure and can be upgraded in the future. We can also integrate multiple technologies to increase profitability and guest satisfaction.

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  • Corserva Technology Concept Center
    Corserva's Hospitality Technology Center provides a hands-on, proof of concept experience for visitors to understand exactly how a planned technology purchase will function when deployed in their environment....

  • You can experience the latest technology in hospitality specific settings by visiting Corserva’s Hospitality Technology Concept Center in Orlando, Florida USA.

    The Concept Center is a working showcase with flexible configurations built to represent various use cases common in the hospitality industry including front desk guest registration, guest rooms, restaurants, and retail stores.

    See for yourself the types of experiences you can deliver to your guests with technology, as well as the cost saving advantages. Learn how next generation technologies can benefit your property.

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    If you’d like to experience exactly how multiple technologies can be integrated to provide energy savings, reduced operating expenses, and an unparalleled guest experience, we invite you to visit Corserva’s Concept Center in Orlando, Florida.

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  • Corserva Wireless Network Assessments
    If you struggle with weak WiFi signals or spotty coverage in areas of your property, a wireless network assessment from Corserva can uncover the exact technical deficiencies that are causing a bad WiFi experience for your guests and how to correct them....

  • Do you struggle with any of these issues in your wireless network?

    • Weak WiFi signal and bottlenecks
    • Spotty coverage in certain areas of your building or campus
    • Legacy wireless infrastructure that can't keep up with today's heavy mobile usage

    Your customers and employees expect strong WiFi that is available throughout your hotel property. Corserva can assess your existing wireless network and design a new or supplemental wireless infrastructure that will provide you with enterprise quality WiFi throughout your property.

    Once you have a strengthened wireless infrastructure, Corserva makes sure its performance remains optimized with ongoing monitoring. We install firmware upgrades when needed, check for anomalies, and provide 24x7x365 support for your staff and guests. By proactively monitoring your wireless network, we identify potentially troublesome trends on your network, so we can isolate problems quickly before they impact the guest experience or hotel operations.

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  • Corserva IoT Integrations
    By integrating multiple technologies, hoteliers can leverage the IoT to increase profitability. Corserva can install, integrate, and maintain multiple technologies for you, then monitor your systems to sustain peak performance of your systems....

  • Nearly every industry has been impacted by the Internet of Things, and hospitality is no exception. What has been harder to quantify is the best way for savvy hoteliers to leverage the IoT to increase profitability.

    Opportunities exist today to integrate multiple technologies such as thermostats, hotel door locks, televisions, window coverings, lighting, water valves, and other systems. These integrations result in reduced operating expenses for you and an improved guest experience.

    Corserva is vendor agnostic and we work with you to understand your needs and make the optimal recommendations for your infrastructure. We deploy and support the right hospitality technology solutions that will create positive guest reviews while reducing your operating expenses. We offer 24x7x365 support and we proactively monitor your connected systems to prevent a negative guest experience.

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  • Corserva iCommander Monitoring Services
    The iCommander monitoring service keeps the technology devices within a guest room operating successfully 24x7x365. With this proactive service, you maximize the number of rooms available by preventing outages that could take a hotel room out of service....

  • Corserva leverages our advanced platform, iCommander, to monitor all IoT devices within all your guest rooms, buildings, and properties. Alerts are generated immediately as issues arise so that we can correct problems before they impact guests. By proactively resolving potential issues, you maximize the availability of all your guest rooms throughout your properties.

    Prevent guest-impacting outages: Batteries die, hardware fails, and equipment goes offline. With Corserva iCommander, potential issues are diagnosed and corrected before they cause outages. Regular maintenance of devices and systems is conducted to maximize room availability and revenue.

    Reduce labor costs: By outsourcing the monitoring of today’s advanced IoT devices to Corserva, you limit your need for in-house technical staff. Corserva’s engineers have the expertise to keep advanced hospitality devices up and running.

    As a Corserva client, you gain a single point of contact for all technical issues, available 24x7x365.

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