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  • Electronic Do-Not-Disturb & Doorbell System
    Electronic Do-Not-Disturb (or Electronic DND) is a simple way for guests to communicate their wish for Privacy from the comfort of their room....

  • From a touch keypad installed by the door or by the bed, a guest can request Privacy or Make Up my Room. This simple luxury will get great reviews.The guest selection is communicated to all comers by an LED indication in a stylish custom room number sign or doorbell. Typically, the LEDs light up a lit ring around the doorbell button. This sleek, effective solutions can be customized to your design criteria.Integration with smart control solutions allows the guest to set DND status via TV, smart phone or voice: “Alexa…..”.

  • Tray Tracker
    Our automatic solution detects trays and trolleys & our Tray Software provides Real Time alerts as trays and trolleys are left in the corridor....

    • Enhance your guests’ experience by immediately removing discarded room service trays
    • Increase staff efficiency by eliminating the need for manual discovery
    • Real-time Room Service Tray Detection allows for tray/trolley retrieval on the run.
    • Monitor your staff’s response time with our room service Trays software
  • Minibar System
    The Axxess hotel MiniBar system allows your staff to see whether or not a mini-bar has been opened.This allows staff to pass by rooms with unopened mini-bars.
    Guest are not disturbed unnecessarily.
    Staff saves time....

  • Our Wireless Contact Sensor is installed into your mini-bars, and reports opening to the Axxess software system.
    Staff can use the Axxess app to view a short list of rooms where the mini-bar has been opened.
  • Axxess Low Voltage Lighting Control Products
    Our Low Voltage Lighting Controls include a number of products such as our DCM1 which is a comprehensive solution to......

  • **Image above does not accurately represent size**

    Our Low Voltage Lighting Controls include our DCM1which is a comprehensive solution to dimming all kinds of 12-24V loads. Or our DCM4 which is a 4 channel LED Driver and a comprehensive solution to dimming a variety of low voltage lighting loads.These devices are ideal for installations that require smooth, consistent and flicker free dimming capability.

    Along with our LED Drive which is unique in that it integrates the power supply, dimming controller and dimming control input via ZigBee Pro Wireless 0-10V input or RS485 in one complete package. Adding style and convenience to practicality is our Touch Keypads with hundreds of possible custom button layouts.

    Completing this line is our Linear LED Light with Motion Sensor, Linear LED Light with Dimming Control and Linear LED Luminaires.

    To learn more about our Low Voltage Lighting Controls visit our website 

  • Axxess Line Voltage Lighting Control Products
    We offer a number of innovative products in our Line Voltage Lighting Controls such as our Load Control Module that offers flexible load......

  • **Image above does not accurately represent size**

    We offer a number of innovative products in our Line Voltage Lighting Controls such as our Load Control Module that offers flexible load control so you can easily dim various lighting loads. This is often used in concert with our Touch Keypads that can be completely customized per hotel project. We also offer our Lamp Dimmer and Lamp Dimmer Plus that give guests a convenient and stylish way to dim table lamps.  


    To learn more about our Line Voltage Lighting Controls, visit our website

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