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  • Guest Messaging Technology
    Communicating with guests has traditionally been a pain-point for hospitality operators. Urgent issues get buried, which leads to guest complaints. Our messaging tech solves this challenge, and helps you stay on top of in-house issues and requests....

  • Automatically Pull Reservation and Guest Contact Info through your PMS System.

    Manually entering reservations, guest names, and contact information is a huge waste of time. Our messaging technology integrates with PMS systems to automatically pull over the information you need to communicate with your guests. You'll never have to manually upload data again. 

    Monitor All of your Guest Communication through One Central Portal.

    Disorganized guest communication leads to unanswered questions, delayed maintenance jobs, negative reviews, and unhappy guests. Our communication dashboard consolidates all of your messages into one easy-to-use interface, and gives you the visibility you need to meet the demands of even the pickiest of guests.

    Message Guests Right from your Business Phone Number.

    Our technology ports over your business phone number, and empowers you to monitor, flag, respond, and re-route messages from your laptop or mobile device. 

    Leverage Templated Messages Based on Check-In Date and Stay Type.

    Don't waste time figuring out what to send your guests, or sending generic welcome texts one-by-one. Our pre-built templates include pre-arrival, room-readiness, stay-satisfaction, check-out reminders and more, and can be customized for different check-in dates and stay types.

    Create and Assign Maintenance Jobs Directly from Messages.

    Its easy to feel burdened by manual processes. This includes calling your maintenance team after a guest submits an issue. Our messaging tech and operations platform work seamlessly together, and enables you to assign a work order to field staff and contractors directly from the message view. 

  • Operations Platform
    Our operations platform automates the messiness of hospitality operations so you can focus on what really matters - 'wowing' your guests. You'll never feel better about the quality of your rooms, or the way you run your business....

  • Seamlessly Sync Reservation and Occupancy Data with your PMS System.

    Hospitality management is easier when the tools that you use work well together. Automatically pull over your reservation, occupancy, and guest data directly into Breezeway through PMS integrations or iCals uploads. Reservations update every hour, so you'll never have to manually enter data again.

    Track Readiness in Real-Time to Make Sure Your Rooms are Guest-Ready.

    Ensuring your rooms are ready for check-in is one of the most challenging aspects of hospitality management. Our 'readiness' dashboard alerts you whenever a room is in jeopardy, and helps you closely track the status of every task, issue, and last-minute changes in real-time.

    Monitor Your Teams through GPS Map View, Task Timing, and User Planning.

    Today's hospitality operations landscape requires the utmost level of control and visibility. Knowing where your teams are, how long tasks typically take them, and what's on their daily schedule is critical to keeping your teams running smoothly, and ensuring all of the work gets done.

    Automate Task Scheduling with Event Rules and Dynamic Workflows.

    Our cutting-edge tools replace your manual systems with data-driven workflows, and help you save over 10 hours each week scheduling cleans, inspections, and maintenance jobs.

    Build Customized Checklists for Smarter Cleans.

    One standard checklist can't address the unique characteristics of your rooms, or help you consistently meet your company's brand standards. Our mobile checklists (iOs and Android) are customized to each one of your rooms, so you can perform detailed work to keep your guests. 

    Leverage Deep Data to Drive Predictive Task Management.

    Data is at the core of Breezeway's platform. Our inspection tools capture and store details like condition reports, prior maintenance history, serial numbers, etc. so you can leverage preventative maintenance programs and drive efficiencies across your business.

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