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  • Centriqe.AI today unveiled and demonstrated the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML)  to recognize guests and their emotional state based on the real-time CCTV camera feed to offer the right befitting services to improve customer engagement with smart application for boosting profitability.

    HITEC, Orlando-: Centriqe.AI, based in Silicon Valley, California, US announced to deliver innovative AI-driven VisionEdge to recognize guests and their emotional state based on the real-time CCTV camera feed to offer the right befitting services to improve customer engagement with smart application to boost business profitability with efficient operations and guest engagement for hotels.

    Centriqe is an emerging leader with its ProfitEdge-AI-driven business Profitability solutions to offer omni-channel engagement to their customers with Profitability measures. The VisionEdge will help hotels owners and managers run their operations more cost effectively and efficiently, with their third eye available in form CCTV camera in their front office and outlets. The VisionEdge will significantly compliment the ProfitEdge engine for maximizing revenue and optimizing cost measures with VisionEdge solutions.

    The uniqueness of this solution lies in its ability to combine the two most important characteristics of humans (identification and emotions) to increase their Lifetime value for the hotel operations. This VisionEdge increases business profitability without additional cost of any infrastructure. Deployed on the edge with CCTV Camera, the predictive and actionable system is highly scalable and adaptable to suit business needs.

    Centriqe Inc. offers ProfitEdge-a cutting-edge AI and IPA based profitability platform with various offerings for an enhanced engagement with the customers for loyalty and churn management, and business profitability. From automated customers' communication, instant response to customers' inquiries via virtual assistant, to real-time feedback, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and predictive profitability and recommended actions, Centriqe deploys seamlessly on the cloud.

    “We see CCTV camera mounted almost all hotel and commercial premises but the power of the data has not been harnessed to help business to serve their guests effectively and in turn improve Gross Operating Profitabilityt(GOP). We see a huge potential of VisionEdge-AI and ML (AI/ML) based solutions for Hotel owners for their Guest Engagement with their recognition and state of emotions to offer the right services at the right time ro improve revenue with delight, said Alakh Verma, Founder and CEO, Centriqe.AI.

    HITEC is the perfect platform of innovation with emerging technologies and we are proud to bring the cutting edge applications to help Hotel owners and Management companies to augment profitability, concluded Verma.

    About Centriqe.AI

    Centriqe.AI is a leading technology firm that focuses on building innovative cutting-edge solutions to meet the customer needs of today and tomorrow based on the latest solid platform of AI and ML. Centriqe is a multi-cloud native “customers engagement and profitability platform” to deliver prescriptive, predictive, and actionable insights to all key decision makers. Centriqe Industry X.0 based platform enables easy to deploy services for omni-channel customer engagement, Process Automation, and profitability on any cloud platform.

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    Alakh Verma, Founder and CEO