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NOBAL Technologies is a Canadian-based firm and the leading provider of intelligent mirror technology for hotels around the world. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, NOBAL’s iMirror elevates the customer experience by allowing guests to search, select, and buy from a complete range of inventory and services —all from a tap of the glass. Available in four elegant models, iMirror is a robust omnichannel solution that is intuitive, integrated, and secure, and drives brands’ interactive experience far beyond the competition.

For more information about NOBAL's iMirror products or to book a demo, please visit nobal.ca.

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  • Press Release

    CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- More and more hotel guests these days are noticing an intriguing interactive mirror in both hotel public spaces and guest rooms. If NOBAL Technologies, the Calgary-based creator of the “iMirror”, has anything to say about it, those mirrors will soon become a mainstay of all hotels.

    The interactive iMirror allows an arriving guest to check in (or out) in the lobby, browse onsite restaurants—and make reservations—and even take a selfie and upload it to social media. Once in their room, another iMirror allows them to order room service, book a spa appointment, buy event tickets, request a ride (and pay for all the above), see local weather, and much more.

    According to NOBAL, which has already made robust inroads into the retail sector, their new technology is poised to make some serious waves in the hospitality industry. Says NOBAL CEO Bill Roberts, “We are committed to creating the hotel room and lobby experience of the future, and we’re confident it will become the new standard across the industry.”

    NOBAL’s Hospitality iMirror offers carefully designed “experiences” in three hotel arenas: the Concierge/Lobby, the Guest Room and the In-Room Operations.

    While hotel and resort guests are the first and ostensible beneficiaries of iMirror technology, hotels reportedly stand to benefit in a myriad of ways. According to Roberts, because iMirrors lead to increased exposure to hotel profit centers (i.e., restaurants, spas, event tickets, hotel gift shops, etc.), properties can expect to see a swift ROI: in the retail sector, NOBAL clients have reported that they’ve recouped their original investments in as little as a week.

    Additionally, the iMirror contributes scalable efficiency to a hotel’s operations-maintenance systems, handling such tasks as restocking notifications (i.e., confectionary and toiletries), housekeeping requests, lighting, HVAC controls and reservation maintenance.

    Yet, according to Roberts, the advantages don’t end there: “The iMirror’s software captures all user data, which can be anonymized and analyzed to reveal data trends, which, in turn, can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns to further enhance revenue streams flowing to the property.”

    NOBAL recently forged a sponsoring partnership with Blackfire Innovation Centre, a joint creation of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) and Caesars Entertainment LLP, the largest casino and entertainment firm in the U.S. Blackfire’s goal is to foster innovation in the hospitality and entertainment space.

    Moreover, NOBAL recently joined the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association (NHLA), and will be exhibiting at the NHLA Technology Conference on December 1, 2021, where they’ll host live demonstrations of the iMirror for both Concierge/Lobby and Guest-Room experiences.

    Blackfire isn’t the first innovation center which features the iMirror. NOBAL installed their product at the Kelowna Innovation Centre, where Director of Operations Dave Batchelder, noted, “Since installing the iMirror in the lobby, we’ve been able to increase visitor engagement, provide information and insight for tenants and create unique user experiences for guests and tenants. The NOBAL team has been fantastic to work with no matter what we need.”

    NOBAL appears committed to being a major player for the long run, if a recent key hire is any indication. The company just announced the addition of new VP of Sales and Marketing, Kieran Morris, a 15-year veteran telecommunications manager with extensive experience in hospitality technology.

    Says Roberts, “Kieran is a highly skilled creative technical sales leader with a diverse background including plenty of hospitality. We’re excited to apply his unique skill set and extensive network, as we further extend the reach of the iMirror into hospitality markets.”

    Roberts sums up NOBAL’s long view: “Our goal is to redefine the experience of what it means to stay at a hotel. We’re forging a new path for hoteliers and their guests worldwide. Wherever and whenever innovation crosses paths with hospitality, we want to be there.”

    For more information on NOBAL’s leading-edge iMirror products, visit www.NOBAL.ca

    Ms. Lindsay Panchyshyn, Director of Marketing
    NOBAL Technologies Inc.
    403-589-3322 | www.nobal.ca | lpanchyshyn@nobal.ca

    A video accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/e07ca8f4-c7a9-4a5f-a334-58bce0d243e1  

  • Visa Acceptance Cloud creates more seamless, affordable point of sale opportunities for small businesses, retailers, fintechs, and the businesses that support them

    January 13, 2022 09:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

    SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Visa (NYSE: V) announced a new platform, Visa Acceptance Cloud (VAC), set to revolutionize the way businesses accept payments from their customers. Following the success of the company’s popular “Tap to Phone” solution, VAC will let acquirers, payment service providers, point of sale (POS) manufacturers, and Internet of Things (IoT) players move payment processing software from being embedded in each hardware device to being universally accessible in the cloud.

    Already live across six geographies, VAC will help innovators transform almost any device into a cloud-connected payment terminal, while providing seamless, cloud-based software updates, robust analytics, and network services from Visa. Since VAC runs on Visa’s data centers, it also offers leading data security capabilities.

    “Cloud acceptance is the future of payments,” said Mary Kay Bowman, senior vice president and global head of payment and platform products, Visa. “Cloud-connected POS lets sellers accept payments across a range of devices quickly, simply, and safely, whether at an unattended kiosk in a hotel, a mirror in a high-end retail store or virtual in-home gym, or a smart phone in the hands of a small seller with a roadside newsstand.”

    In January 2020, Visa first showcased the power of “Tap to Phone,” an industry-first solution that transforms current generation Android smartphones and tablets into contactless point of sale terminals. Tap to Phone was Visa’s first offering that let sellers accept payments on the devices they already own, just by downloading an app. As of December 2021, there were more than 300,000 devices across 54 countries using Tap to Phone.

    Expanding beyond phones, Visa Acceptance Cloud enables any POS or connected device to seamlessly accept payments and to incorporate a range of added services, including buy now, pay later, fraud management, Rapid Seller Onboarding, and advanced data analytics. The ongoing pilots in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia cater to a variety of use cases, including retailers and restaurants in Australia through Visa’s work with U.S.-based fintech, Bleu, NOBAL Technologies’ smart mirror and public trains in Brazil.

    “Bleu is working with Visa to bring seamless payments to businesses across Australia for the very first time,” said Sesie Bonsi, President & CEO, Bleu. “While the average business owner can spend as much as $1,000 on POS devices, plus countless hours and more money on time consuming certification processes, moving to Visa Acceptance Cloud removes the barriers of traditional hardware and burdens of device-bound kernel certifications, making it easier for the independent business that we serve to deliver touchless payment options to their customers through any connected device.”

    “Retailers are looking to enhance their in-store customer experience to meet the speed and convenience of the online and in-store checkout experiences,” says Bill Roberts, CEO, NOBAL Technologies. “NOBAL‘s intelligent mirror in partnership with VAC from Visa provides payment experiences on our mirror without the expense and expertise required for embedded hardware modules, helping us push the future of retail in new ways.”

    “VAC is a universal platform that helps open up acceptance for all – by freeing our leading technology partners to innovate. On one end of the spectrum, cloud acceptance helps drive inclusion for more small sellers who want to offer digital payments. On the other end, Visa Acceptance Cloud enables advanced shopping and buying experiences that will be central to the future of retail for businesses of all shapes and sizes,” continued Bowman. “Moving acceptance to the cloud opens up the possibility of so much innovation from the entire payments ecosystem. This is only the beginning.”

    To learn more about VAC, please visit our website or contact visaacceptancecloud@visa.com.

    About Visa

    Visa (NYSE: V) is a world leader in digital payments, facilitating more than 215 billion payments transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and government entities across more than 200 countries and territories each year. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, convenient, reliable and secure payments network, enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. We believe that economies that include everyone everywhere, uplift everyone everywhere and see access as foundational to the future of money movement. Learn more at Visa.com.


    Media Contact:
    Emily Scheer


  • iMirror
    iMirror's interactive mirror technology acts as a sales and marketing hub that creates unforgettable guest experiences in the lobby and in-room. It’s integrated, secure, and intuitive, and can be limitlessly customized to your space....

  • iMirror’s hospitality solution is built to provide your guests with easy access to recommendations, ammenities and offers that are personalized to their interests, to ensure the ultimate stay.

    iMirror empowers you to...

    • Free up your staff's valuable time with self-serve contactless check-in
    • Upgrade a guests' stay with add ons like spa services, event tickets, reservations and in-room dining
    • Enhance you presence online with 5-star reviews 
    • Connect your everyday tools and systems to make profitable business moves 
    • Discover guests' preferences, buying behaviours, and favorite activities in real-time 

    The iMirror is available in 4 elegant models with a wide variety of software solutions, ensuring that the mirrors are tailor-made for your customers. Our in-house team of software developers and client success team offer unparalleled support throughout production and installation, and are committed to driving your brand’s interactive experience far beyond the competition.

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