Axxess Industries Inc.

Kelowna,  BC 

Streamline hotel operations with Automation

Axxess Industries manufacturers Smart Automation products for hotels, resorts, and casinos worldwide elevating guest experience & streamlining hotel operations. Our products improve touchpoints between hotel guests & staff. Our system can integrate with an existing system such as Telkonet, Control4, Crestron, Lutron, Inncom, & more.

Cloud Dashboard
Do-not-disturb Hallway Signage
Lighting, Drape/Blind Control
Motion Detection
Custom Keypads
Tray & Minibar Sensors
Full Spectrum LED Light 

 Press Releases

  • Over the past 20 years, Axxess Industries has been a valued manufacturer of automation products for hotels, resorts, and casinos worldwide. Our products have been developed to elevate the guest experience and streamline hotel operations. Products are made in-house in North America, allowing us to tailor the design to any specific need.

    The Axxess Cloud Dashboard is a cost-effective solution to automate and control devices including Do-not-disturb Hallway signs, Guest Presence Motion Detection Sensors, LED lighting, Lamp Dimmers, Touch Thermostats and Blind Control. Our automation products easily retrofit with other existing systems such as Telkonet, Control4, Saflok, Crestron, Lutron, Inncom, and many more.

    We provide these automation Smart Hotel solutions:

    • Axxess Cloud Dashboard
    • Electronic Do-Not-Disturb System
    • Custom Wayfinding Signage
    • Lighting Controls for Low Voltage and Line Voltage
    • Drape and Blind Controls
    • Motion Detection Sensors
    • Touch Thermostats
    • Custom Touch Keypads
    • Tray Tracker and Minibar Access Sensors
    • Full Spectrum LED Light

    Our signature product is the Axxess Electronics Do-Not-Disturb Hallway System that improves the touchpoints between hotel guests and staff. Our Economy system is affordable, making our solutions available to a broader range of hotels. Most of our customers prefer to incorporate our electronics into custom room number signs that we create entirely to suit the needs of our customer's brand and/or their designers.