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Maximize your Hotels operations performance with HubOS

8 solutions in 1 implemented in only 2 weeks

The solutions are:

  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Food and Beverage (F&B)
  • Guest Experience
  • Guest in Touch
  • Energy Management
  • Corporate Management
  • Projects and Audits


  • Easy-to-use offline mobile app
  • Seamless communication between departments 
  • Reduce response times and increases productivity
  • Real-time status on incidents, rooms status and availability, complaints and more
  • Full integration with PMS and other systems
  • 700+ hotels across 40+countries worldwide 

 Press Releases

  • Hub OS is the most automated and flexible operations system to maximize your hotel’s performance, from the opening to operations and management. 8 solutions 1 platform. In addition to simplifying communication between departments and reducing response times, Hub OS also includes an offline app that enables non-interrupted operation in areas without access to the internet. Hub OS also adopts business intelligence by facilitating global data analytics and providing advanced KPIs for enforcing continuous improvement of hotel processes. Furthermore, it is fully integrated with the PMS ensuring your hotel guests experience a 5-star service.

    • Maintenance - Management of preventive and corrective maintenance of the hotel
    • Housekeeping - Task allocation, attendant management, and productivity control
    • Guest Experience - improve the guest experience and minimize repeated complaints
    • Food & Beverage - Manage your restaurant bookings & breakfast control without excel or paper
    • Energy Management - Analysis of Energy KPIs for a proper efficient management and decision making
    • Guest in Touch - Contactless communication between the guest and the hotel
    • Corporate Management - Management of contracts, suppliers, orders, and capex at a corporative level
    • Projects & Audits - Audits, new openings, and renovations

    Hub OS helps 700+ leading hotels across 40+ countries around the world!

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