Long Key,  FL 
United States

Softlogix develops software and integrations for hoteliers.

Softlogix has created Lodgipay for Clover. Lodgipay is a "Room Charge" app that allows the Clover POS to interface payments to the hotel's PMS software. Lodgipay captures the customer's signature for all payments and stores them easy retrieval. No more disputes at checkout. 
Clover delivers a low cost POS system for hotels that is cloud based and easy to use. Combined with Lodgipay, Clover is a fricitionless POS that streamlines the guest purchase experience.

As guest's adopt new technologies in their day-to-day lives, the guest experience changes. Providing a comfortable enviorment for your guest is more important today than ever. That's we set out to create an eco system of IOT devices designed to adopt to your guest's behavior and expectations. Leveraging off-the-shelf hardware like thermostats, the RoomLogics platforms builds the relationship
between your guest room and your guest. Allowing your guest to set controls to their desired tempature while providing smart and cost savings to the hotel owner.

A contactless elevator control system designed to allow your guests to select their floor by simply asking for it.

Brands: Lodgipay for Clover | Lodgipay Mobile | Ailift