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The Leading Upselling Solution for Hotels

Trusted by both major hotel chains and independent properties in 30 countries, UpStay is an internationalized upselling platform capable of supporting multiple languages. Based 100% on a rev-share model, UpStay is risk-free for hotels and​offers seamless integration with leading PMS/CRS systems.

Leveraging advanced AI, UpStay automatically elevates guest experiences and hotel yield management/profitability while also resulting in more efficient use of increasingly limited labor resources. For prospective partners, UpStay is a proven thought leader in data-automation solutions with a mission to chart continuous innovations for attribute-based selling strategies and solutions.

Harnessing significant momentum gained from upselling hotel successes in EMEA and South America, UpStay is formally announcing its further expansion into North America at HITEC-Orlando 2022. 

 Press Releases

  • UpStay, a leading provider of advanced ancillary upselling technology solutions for the hotel industry, has been selected to participate in HITEC’s Entrepreneur 20X (E20X) competition, taking place this year on June 29 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. One of just eight start-up providers selected by HFTP to compete in the invitation-only event, UpStay is set to take part in a four-minute presentation focusing on how its innovative data-driven solution is proven to maximize upselling success rates, eliminate the under-selling of inventory and cater to modern guest expectations for experience personalization.  


    By being selected for the competition, UpStay is eligible to participate in E20X’s Judges’ Award and People’s Start-up Award. With the Judges’ Award, the winning participant is named the most innovative start-up and is selected by an expert panel of judges, with a trophy and $2,500 serving as this year’s prize. With UpStay also taking part in the People’s Choice Award, HITEC attendees will have the opportunity to select the ‘crowd favorite’ by voting via the HITEC mobile app. 

    “Being selected to compete in E20X is a tremendous honor that in of itself demonstrates the significant achievements that our organization has made in advancing innovation within the hospitality industry,” said Tzafrir Blonder, CEO at UpStay. “Thanks to the efforts of our global team, we now have an opportunity to showcase how our advanced platform can tap into new revenue streams and spur increased profitability for existing ones, all while fully automating the process and delivering on guest expectations for personalized service.” 


    Compatible with a wide array of PMS and booking engines in use by today’s hotels, UpStay is able to leverage a wide range of data sets to provide guests with personalized upgrade recommendations while updating a hotel’s available inventory in real-time. Proven to convert approximately 20 percent of pre-arrivals into either room upgrade or add-on purchases, UpStay features an innovative bidding system allowing guests to select what they believe is a fair price. With a room upgrade or add-on purchase going to the highest bidder, UpStay ensures that hoteliers can always maximize their ability to generate revenue while sidestepping the risk of underselling assets. Boosting hotel profitability even further is Upstay’s no-risk approach, eliminating monthly subscriptions by instead only charging a nominal fee with each successful upsell conversion. 


    “With much of the industry still in recovery mode, hoteliers more than ever are in need of advanced technologies that incur minimal investment risk but that are capable of leading businesses back towards sustainable growth,” continued Blonder. “UpStay is a direct response to this crucial industry challenge, and we look forward to attendees observing the unmatched value that our technology provides.”  


    Following its impressive success within European and Middle Eastern markets that has seen several largescale hotel brands adopt its upselling solution, UpStay’s most recent growth achievement includes entering into the North American hospitality sector. Current North American customers include The Lucerne Hotel and The Wallace Hotel in New York. 


    To schedule a demo with UpStay at the E20X pavilion, please contact Dave Crory by emailing  


    For more information on UpStay and its Ancillary Revenue suite, please visit



    About UpStay

    Founded in 2019, UpStay  is the first fully automated SaaS (software-as-a-service) upselling solution for hotels that sends data-driven special offers to guests to make additional purchases prior to arrival and throughout their stay. UpStay is easily connected to the most commonly-used PMS/CRS. UpStay uses AI algorithms to make a variety of targeted offers to specific guest segments before and during their stay. With a single smart pre-arrival and during-stay guest-facing communication, UpStay drives up to 20% of hotel guests to buy room upgrades and additional ancillaries. Today, UpStay serves more than 120 chain brands around the globe. 

  • Leading provider of advanced upselling technology to unlock new revenue streams for North American hoteliers with industry’s first risk-free yield enhancement platform.

    UpStay, a leading provider of advanced ancillary upselling technology solutions for the hotel industry, today announced the expansion of its global operations to serve the revenue growth and experience-enhancing needs of hoteliers throughout the North American market. Benefitting from a leading presence in several international markets, UpStay’s entry into North America follows an aggressive company growth strategy that has already resulted in the adoption of its data-driven and risk-free upselling solution by multiple hotel businesses operating throughout the region. 


    With its Ancillary Revenue suite, UpStay will now provide North American hoteliers with the power to tap into new sources of revenue, using its proven ability to convert approximately 20 percent of pre-arrivals into either room upgrade or booking add-on purchases. Unique to the UpStay platform is its ability to function as a fully automated technology that leverages data-rich analytics to personalize upsell recommendations and increase conversion rates. With no monthly subscription and with hoteliers only incurring a nominal fee upon achieving successful upsells, UpStay further maximizes hotel profitability and satisfaction scores by allowing each guest to place bids on available upgrades or add-on options. With each guest able to place a bid on what they believe is a fair rate for a room or service upgrade, UpStay’s solution ensures that hotel inventories are always sold at the highest possible price point, while simultaneously elevating guest experiences and hotel business reputations.

    “UpStay’s technology has been credited by countless major hotel brands and independent properties for providing them with the means to proactively uncover revenue growth opportunities in real-time, and we are thrilled to provide such enhanced capabilities to the North American hotel market,” said Tzfrir Blonder, CEO at UpStay. “Among the first properties within the region to benefit from our advanced solutions are The Lucerne Hotel and The Wallace Hotel in New York, and we look forward to serving the needs of even more North American hoteliers, as they seek to grow their own revenue streams and run a more competitive business.” 


    Compatible with a wide array of PMS and booking engines in use by today’s hotels, UpStay provides guests with personalized recommendations in real-time and automatically updates hotel systems to reflect any purchases made. This allows property staff to focus their attention on improving the experiences of current guests, while ensuring that those set to arrive are greeted with the appropriate upgrade offerings that were purchased. 


    For more information on UpStay and its Ancillary Revenue suite, please visit



  • UpStay’s AI-powered automated upselling solution
    UpStay provides hoteliers with the combined advantage of being able to meet experience personalization demands in a way that drastically increases business revenues while streamlining the daily flow of operations....

  • Today’s hotels now have a vital opportunity to make up for lost revenue and reposition their businesses towards sustainable growth, but meeting guest experience expectations will prove crucial in achieving success. This includes catering to the now widespread demand for experience personalization, a trend that is highly suited to being addressed with an effective upselling strategy. However, today’s hoteliers require advanced tools that can personalize promotional messaging at scale and that can automate the entire process from start to finish, saving valuable employee time, while preventing any potential opportunity to increase revenues from being missed. 


    UpStay resolves this industry challenge by equipping hoteliers with an upselling platform leveraging advanced AI and automation. A start-up selected to compete in this year’s E20X competition at HITEC Orlando, UpStay’s innovative solution is capable of integrating with a hotel’s PMS, in order to obtain data-rich analytics that point to each guest’s perception of an ideal stay. With each guest holding their own opinions regarding what counts as enhanced value and how much it is worth to them, UpStay further boosts satisfaction rates and revenues by providing guests with the ability to place bids on available hotel upgrades or service offerings. This eliminates the risk of failing to meet the guests’ expectations, while also preventing the underselling of hotel assets.     


    UpStay can automatically identify the precise upselling promotion most likely to align with guest interests and therefore results in a high level of successful upgrade sales. With each sales conversion, UpStay automatically updates a hotel’s available inventory in real-time, sidestepping the risk of overselling an asset, while ensuring that any available upgrades are always made instantly visible to guests. 

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