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Cendyn is a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry. We help hotels around the globe drive profitability and guest loyalty through an integrated technology platform that aligns revenue, eCommerce, distribution, marketing and sales teams with centralized data, applications, and analytics, so they can capture more demand and accelerate growth. With offices located across the globe, in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Bangkok, and India, Cendyn serves tens of thousands of customers across 143 countries. To find out more, visit www.cendyn.com.

Brands: eInsight CRM, Guestfolio CRM, eProposal, eMenus, eLoyalty

 Press Releases

  • The newly combined company provides hoteliers with a cloud-based platform that gives hotels the tools to take control of their direct-booking channel, enhance brand loyalty, and drive profitability

    Monday, January 24, 2022, Boca Raton, FL, USA – Today, Cendyn and Pegasus closed their previously announced merger agreement, bringing two industry leaders together as one company. This merger provides hoteliers with a transformative platform to maximize the direct-booking channel, enhancing the guest experience end-to-end.

    The two companies merged under the Cendyn brand, with Tim Sullivan continuing to lead Cendyn as CEO & President of the newly combined company.

    In addition to Sullivan’s role as the company’s CEO, Cendyn appointed Gautam Lulla as Chief Innovation Officer and Joanna Genser as Chief Enterprise Officer.

    At the heart of the merger lies Cendyn’s Customer Data Platform, Starling, and Pegasus’s CRS, which together provide hoteliers access to an unparalleled system of record for guest profiles and rates. Leveraging the alignment of these key data points enables hoteliers to personalize and optimize the guest experience, drive direct bookings, enhance brand loyalty, and boost profitability.

    Sullivan said, “The completion of this merger is an exciting moment for Cendyn, and we believe, for the industry. As the hospitality industry recovers from the effects of the pandemic, the combination of Cendyn and Pegasus will help hoteliers achieve their critical digital transformation and automation objectives to keep up with ever-evolving consumer expectations and contain costs” said Tim Sullivan, CEO & President of Cendyn.

    About Cendyn
    Cendyn is the leading innovative cloud software and services provider for the hospitality industry. Their software solutions drive sales, marketing, and revenue performance for tens of thousands of hotels across the globe with a focus on integrated hotel CRM, hotel sales, and revenue strategy technology platforms. The Cendyn Hospitality Cloud offers a complete set of software services for the industry, aligning marketing, sales, and revenue teams to optimize their strategies and drive performance and loyalty across their business units. With office headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, USA, and offices around the globe in Germany, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan, Cendyn proudly serves customers in 143 countries. Their software solutions deliver billions of data-driven, personalized communications on behalf of their customers every year. For more information on Cendyn, visit cendyn.com.

    About Pegasus
    Pegasus combines high-tech innovation with high-touch service to give hoteliers more control over their revenue and distribution strategy than ever before. Following their merger with Travel Tripper, Pegasus enables hoteliers to better connect with their guests through an innovative and flexible platform of Reservations, E-commerce, Global Sales, and Business Intelligence solutions that help hotels drive demand and increase revenue and profitability, including the Pegasus CRS, named Best CRS 2020 by Hotel Tech Report. With more than 30 years of experience in global distribution, Pegasus serves hotels across 120 countries from eight offices worldwide in New York, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Hyderabad. For more information, visit www.pegs.com.

  • A study on personalization and artificial intelligence (AI) spanning 86 hotel chains from across the globe name Cendyn as top innovator

    Thursday, February 24th, 2022 – London, UK – Cendyn, a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry, has been named one of the top five innovators in hospitality technology. A recent study by h2c evaluated the state of technology across automated personalization (AP), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) by surveying 86 hotel chains from around the world. The findings highlight the leading technology platforms, including Cendyn, that are championing for a better future for the industry.

    Together, the 86 hotel chains included in the study represent over 25,000 properties in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The hoteliers provided information on their current tech stacks, giving their perspective on how these new innovations are being implemented. The results show that hoteliers recognize the importance of this technology, but their properties are falling behind where they want them to be. For example, AI marketing is supported by 75% of hotel chain’s top executives, yet only 36% of all chains deploy automated personalization strategies.

    While the results confirm that the adoption of these technologies is lagging, the study showed where hoteliers are finding the solutions they need. The hoteliers ranked some of the top hospitality technology providers in the industry, providing insight on who they feel are the most innovative. Among the top five was Cendyn, the leading innovative cloud software and services provider.

    “At a time when hoteliers are being forced to do more with less and consumer expectations are at an all-time high, automated personalization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning can help drive automation and personalization, leading to loyalty and profitable revenue growth. We’re thrilled that hoteliers from across the globe have identified us as a top innovator for the industry. Hotels are looking for strategic technology partners who can provide them with the scale, reach, and stability to drive efficiencies and performance as the industry returns to recovery and growth. Cendyn is that partner,” said Tim Sullivan, CEO & President at Cendyn.

    “We are grateful that h2c’s study was supported by so many hotel chains, representing over 3.2 million rooms across the globe. Despite extremely tense resources during the time, their engagement shows the immediate importance Automated Personalization now has gained within hospitality,” states Michaela Papenhoff, Managing Director at h2c.

    Take a look at the full report here, and learn more about Cendyn on their website.

    About Cendyn

    Cendyn is a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry. We help hotels around the globe drive profitability and guest loyalty through an integrated technology platform that aligns revenue, eCommerce, distribution, marketing and sales teams with centralized data, applications, and analytics, so they can capture more demand and accelerate growth. With offices located across the globe, in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Bangkok, and India, Cendyn serves tens of thousands of customers across 143 countries. To find out more, visit www.cendyn.com.

    About h2c

    Founded in 2001, h2c provides professional services that help hotel chains and independent properties enhance their marketing and distribution performance. Our Mission: “H2c inspires success in hospitality commerce. Our passion to translate marketplace complexities into actionable strategies shapes our relationships. The goal: clients are confidently in control.” For more information, please visit www.h2c.de.

  • The first applications available on the Cendyn Hospitality Cloud are Starling customer data platform (CDP) and Cendyn’s website content management system (CMS)

    Tuesday, April 5, 2022 – Boca Raton, FL – Cendyn, a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry, is excited to announce the launch of the new Cendyn Hospitality Cloud, including the release of the platform’s first applications, an industry-leading website content management system (CMS) powered by Cendyn’s customer data platform (CDP), Starling.

    At a time when hoteliers must do more with less, hotels are embracing rapid digitization and automation of products and services to keep up with ever-evolving consumer expectations. The challenges are especially acute in eCommerce as hotels confront major shifts in travel from business to leisure, the ongoing struggle to gain direct bookings, and the ability to target new types of guests in a competitive market with evolving stay preferences.

    The Cendyn Hospitality Cloud is an integrated, cloud-based platform that empowers revenue, eCommerce, distribution, marketing, and sales teams with a single source of truth. The platform offers a unified view of every guest and a system of record for rates and reservations. Combining these critical data elements in one platform ensures teams across the business can act on their data to automate, personalize, and transform the experience for every guest at every step in their journey.

    In conjunction with the launch of the Cendyn Hospitality Cloud, Cendyn is also releasing the platform’s first applications – website CMS and Starling CDP. Powered by the CDP, Cendyn’s CMS puts the industry’s most sophisticated tools at your fingertips, allowing hoteliers to drive more direct bookings by serving personalized content, offers, and imagery to their website visitors by leveraging the power of their first-party data. The seamless integration between the CMS and CDP sets Cendyn apart to leverage cleansed and de-duped data from the master guest profile to recognize returning visitors and deliver the most targeted personalization available on the market.

    “We have been busy innovating over the past 18 months and the commercial launch of this platform is incredibly exciting. Powered by Starling CDP, our eCommerce offering now brings a new level of personalization and merchandising to the hotel shopping experience. Our enhanced CMS enables hotels to target specific content, visuals and offers to website visitors based on their preferences and behavior, positioning our customers to drive guest engagement, loyalty, and profitable revenue growth via their direct booking channel,” said Tim Sullivan, CEO & President at Cendyn.

    For more information on Starling, Cendyn’s customer data platform (CDP) click here. To learn more about Cendyn’s website content management system (CMS) platform, click here.

    About Cendyn

    Cendyn is a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry. We help hotels around the globe drive profitability and guest loyalty through an integrated technology platform that aligns revenue, eCommerce, distribution, marketing and sales teams with centralized data, applications, and analytics, so they can capture more demand and accelerate growth. With offices located across the globe, in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Bangkok, and India, Cendyn serves tens of thousands of customers across 143 countries. To find out more, visit www.cendyn.com.


  • eInsight CRM + eLoyalty
    Enterprise marketing automation and guest intelligence to enhance the experience throughout the guest journey. Drive loyalty and leverage real-time data to provide personalized one-to-one communications for every guest....

  • Target the right guest, with the right message, at the right time with eInsight CRM.

    • Single guest view: Each guest profile is like a fingerprint. They leave behind a trail of favorites, likes, dislikes, hotel stay choices and destination offers. Keep all this data in your master Guest Profile – the single source of truth for your data.

    • Personalization: Use rich guest profile data to define and segment target audiences based on past stay history, preferences, loyalty status, guest lifetime value score and more. Rules-based automation combined with sophisticated personalization and upsell opportunities allow hoteliers to learn more about their guests, enhance loyalty and drive revenue across their business.
    • Marketing automation: Engage your customers throughout the entire guest journey using automated journeys, segmentation, and dynamic content that powers relevant and personalized experiences between your brand and the guest. Build and create journeys to automate your full campaign lifecycle using the most sophisticated journey builder in hospitality.
    • Email marketing: Create beautiful, on brand email marketing campaigns targeted with the right message for the right guest. Use dynamic content, segmented audiences and unique customer journeys to tailor your message.
    • Business Intelligence: Visualize and analyze your marketing data to get the deepest view of your campaign results across all channels. Discover the wins and the unforeseen insights with powerful reporting tools, driven by Microsoft’s Power BI, that bring your data and results to life.

    Build loyalty with every guest

    • Create relevant, personalized content: Cendyn’s comprehensive eLoyalty solution, powered by our award-winning content management system (CMS), enables you to seamlessly manage your own content, images and offers. Effectively run and maintain all aspects of a loyalty program for any type of hotel or brand. Create memorable experiences with multiple program types supported including stay, nights, recognition, birthday and surprise and delight.

    • Bespoke member portal: The all-new, re-imagined member portal is powered by Cendyn’s award-winning CMS. Allow members to use their social media credentials to sign in, view loyalty status, redeem rewards, receive offers and much more in a personalized area just for members.

    • Reward your loyal members: eLoyalty allows you to reward your unique guests with unique rewards. Determine the redemption process that fits your business requirements and your guests. With our reward management capabilities, you can recognize your loyal customers with points, vouchers, touchless gift cards, and more.

    • Customize communications for every guest: Deliver customized, dynamic multilanguage communications and recognize members with personalized offers, member rates, reward notifications and more.

  • Digital Marketing
    Our full-service, in-house agency delivers personalized multi-channel campaigns to showcase your brand and amplify your reach...

  • Leverage your data and our industry-leading data integrations to drive demand, raise brand awareness and expand your reach to drive conversions across all your channels

    • Digital Strategy: Our team of experts are uniquely positioned to manage, monitor and optimize your campaigns every day. With data at the heart of what we do, our team leverages your data so you can reach the right customers with the right message to drive conversions and direct bookings. We measure campaign performance throughout the guest journey and make them available in one central dashboard with fully automated reporting.

    • Programmatic Pioneers: As early adopters of programmatic, we’re uniquely positioned well ahead of the curve for when 3rd party cookies go away. Rather than rely on partners to execute media buys and campaign performance delivery, our in-house team has direct control over performance and ad delivery with partners such as Condé Nast, Tripadvisor, and others through programmatic guaranteed deals.

    • Metasearch: Step up your advertising efforts with AI-driven technology to give your brand the visibility it deserves across metasearch sites. ​

    • Paid Search: As Google Premier Partners, we’re in the top 5% of agencies worldwide working with Google! Our team of paid search experts know the best ways to ensure your brand stays at the top of the search engines to help drive conversions to your website.

    • Social Media: Using all the data from web, social, your PMS, call center, consumer intent and more, we’re able to execute targeted campaigns to find those most likely to convert. We work across all social channels to ensure you reach the right demographic for your business.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Climb to the top of the organic search engine list with our verified SEO experts. We’ll analyze, research and provide ongoing recommendations for your team to ensure your website pages are top of the search engine for your key terms.
  • Website Design & Creative Services
    Inspire travelers with award-winning website design and technology built uniquely to personalize the travel planning journey...

  • Powerful hospitality website design & technology services that tell your story uniquely for every guest

    • CMS built for hotels: Built specifically for the hospitality industry, Cendyn’s CMS deftly manages content and scales with your growth. Drive website engagement and urgency with robust personalization features and easy to use administrative functionality such as room configuration, rate adjustments, booking widgets and more, to convert lookers into bookers. Our state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform allows us to provide secure, lightning-fast download speeds using CDN technology and a 99.9% uptime guarantee with half second response time to any customer worldwide.

    • Sophisticated content personalization engine: Cendyn’s CMS leverages the power of the Starling customer data platform to harness the power of user data, driving clicks and conversions by serving personalized content, offers and imagery based on data pulled from multiple sources such as the booking engine, PMS, CRM, stay data and more.

    • A CMS powered by a CDP: Capture first-party data of guests who opt-in to your marketing database via the CMS. Data is cleansed and de-duped in the Starling CDP to serve personalized content, offers and imagery. Our certified technology can also integrate with the most popular third-party solutions and custom integrations. Our CMS boasts built-in connectivity to some of the largest booking engines and were designed to seamlessly connect to all others.

    • Impress and inspire with award-winning designs: Our websites inspire guests through each step of the travel journey. Our award-winning design experts capture your brand’s unique personality and incorporate the latest visual trends and UX concepts that perform across all devices and screens. Behind the scenes, Cendyn’s powerful CMS technology ensures all the essentials for seamless functionality, SEO, lightning-fast download speeds and compliance with international web accessibility and privacy legislation and standards with optional monitoring.
  • Starling CDP
    Unite, transform, control, and distribute your data to keep guests at the heart of what you do with Starling, our customer data platform (CDP)...

  • Unite your data to keep guests at the heart of what you do

    • A central source of truth for all your data: Starling unites all your technology solutions and millions of guest data points to provide a central source of truth for all your data.

    • Consolidate, cleanse and enrich your data: Starling consolidates, cleanses and enriches your data, providing a central source of truth. Building on our extensive library of existing data integrations, Starling’s open APIs are flexible and agile so you can easily connect any data source into the platform.

    • Starling puts you in control of your data: Application agnostic, Starling puts you in control of your data, regardless of the technology solutions you use. Use the Starling portal to view the audit trail and history of changes to your data. Leverage and control your data where you need it.

    • Take your data with you: Take your data with you and use Starling data anywhere you need it, across your entire enterprise​.
  • Guestrev
    Achieve total revenue optimization with Guestrev, a solution built to supercharge profit for every segment of your business...

  • Rules-based automation with the right level of control revenue managers crave

    • Total profit optimization: Evaluate and understand your property’s mix of revenue and profit centers holistically and more strategically with up to nine categories of ancillary revenue, custom to your hotel.

    • Dynamic pricing solutions: With a 90% rate acceptance, Guestrev offers open pricing recommendations by room type and market segment. Price each room type independently of overall demand based on factors such as perceived value, guests’ willingness to pay, and dynamic demand and availability indicators.

    • Unlock true guest value: Guestrev employs the most accurate valuation of your guest’s true revenue potential at the segment level. Understand your guest’s willingness to buy, distribution cost – down to market segment and booking channel – and total profitability while on-property.

    • Synchronize PMS data in real time: Forecast accurately, price with certainty, and make quick, agile decisions. Synchronize your PMS data with Guestrev in real time so you can look at the most accurate picture of your data, outside of the standard nightly processing.
  • Revintel
    Driven by Power BI, Revintel provides total revenue analysis that transforms your disparate datasets into actionable business intelligence...

  • Navigate your data. Save valuable time. Monitor performance.

    • Compose data into intelligent insights: Spend more time on analysis and strategy rather than acquiring data. With 55 standard out-of-the-box reports and Revintel’s BI solution, Compose, seamlessly create your own custom brand-matched interactive visualizations in a variety of formats.

    • Team collaboration: The easy-to-use interface promotes cross-team collaboration. Marketing can view real-time campaign performance; sales can monitor negotiated accounts by tracking performance at the rate code level; and, of course, revenue managers can view the full picture of ancillary and room revenue at the agency, corporate and portfolio level.

    • Business intelligence made simple: The easy drag & drop functionality for reports makes it simple for anyone on your team to build and analyze custom dashboards and reports in just minutes – no complex spreadsheets or programming required.
  • FleXi
    FleXi allows you to manage and sell personalized ancillary offerings while delighting guests throughout the guest journey...

  • Control your ancillaries and track sales of multiple products 

    • Increase bottom-line revenue: Dramatically increase ancillary sales and add to bottom-line revenue with a powerful solution that manages the time-based inventory and pricing of multiple products.

    • Leverage revenue management strategies: Fluctuate the rates of products or experiences based on seasonality and demand to maximize revenue potential.

    • Track campaign success: With FleXi built on the hotel website, run campaigns promoting ancillary offerings and track the success of those campaigns with in-depth reporting.

    • Streamline operations: FleXi is a user-friendly system that allows hotels to manage multiple types of time-based inventory in one platform, modify guest reservations, and engage with guests who have purchased inventory by sending transactional emails.
  • Pegasus CRS & Distribution
    Optimize demand across global distribution channels on a flexible, scalable reservations system with intelligent rate and inventory management tools...

  • Disconnect from legacy system limitations. Connect to the Pegasus CRS.

    Take full control of your hotel’s distribution strategy with the Pegasus CRS, an award-winning cloud-based reservations solution that offers unprecedented flexibility, scalability, security and support in managing your rates and inventory.

    • Complete global coverage through all major demand channels, including OTAs, GDS, metasearch, and direct

    • Flexible APIs and deep integrations into your tech stack to create one seamless system for reservations management

    • Intelligent rate tools, including dynamic pricing rules and enhanced formula-based pricing controls

    • Easy-to-use admin tools for brand-level and multi-property rate and inventory management

    • Compliant with PCI Data Security Standards and GDPR regulations

    • Five-star 24/7 technical support and account management from dedicated revenue management experts

  • Pegasus Booking Engine
    Boost direct revenue with dynamic pricing and unique merchandising capabilities on our powerful booking engine...

  • Designed to “Be Direct”

    Get connected to our powerful booking engine—intuitive, elegant, and packed with features to help you convert lookers into bookers. Hotels that switch to our booking engine routinely see significant increases in conversion rates and direct bookings.

    • Strikethrough pricing
    • Rooms remaining
    • Dynamic Pricing Rules with geo-targeting
    • Integrated rate match
    • Merchandising opportunities
    • Automated email retargeting
    • Multi-room and multi-rate plan booking
    • Multi-currency and multilingual options
    • Custom room categories filter
  • Pegasus Rate Match
    Give your guests the confidence to book direct with our innovative price-checking tool that automates rate parity and personalizes your website and booking engine...

  • One powerful tool for parity intelligence and price matching

    Never be out of parity with the OTAs again. Rate Match is a patent-pending technology that dramatically increases booking engine conversion rates. Our innovative tool not only notifies you when it finds a lower price elsewhere, it can also match the price and make the lower rate instantly bookable on your website.

    1. Rate Match™ launches into action the moment a guest shops your booking engine for rates. Our price checker first checks the major OTA sites to compare rates your hotel website’s rates.
    2. If a lower price is found on another site, our rate matching tool automatically adjusts your published rates to match or beat that price (based on configurable settings). The guest never sees that you’re out of parity and can confidently book the lowest rate directly through your site.

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