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Founded in 1883, RUTLAND is a leading manufacturer of fireplace, chimney, and stove maintenance products. Our products include fire starters, creosote removers, high temperature sealants and cements, mortars, glass cleaners, gaskets, rods, brushes, and more. RUTLAND products are sold online and nationwide at leading retailers. Reach out today to find out how RUTLAND can increase your business!

Brands: Safe Lite®, One Match®, Rainbow Flame®, William's®, White Off®, Kwik-Shot®, Soot Sweep®, Log Bright®, Dry Mix 211®, STOVO®, Seal it Right®, Grapho-Glas®, Chimney Sweep®, Master Sweep®, Wizard System®


RUTLAND Rainbow Flames
RUTLAND One Match® Fire Starter Gel
RUTLAND Safe Lite® Fire Starter Squares
RUTLAND Seal it Right®
RUTLAND Gasket Replacement


  • RUTLAND Pellet Stove Creosote Remover
    Concentrated formula
    1 box = 1 treatment
    Wood pellets have been dried to below 5% moisture content...

  • At RUTLAND, we’ve combined our trusted creosote removing technology with specially dried pellets to create an innovative creosote removing solution for pellet stove owners. Simply open the box, pour the contents into the hopper, and burn as usual to prevent dangerous creosote buildups. Each box contains 1 treatment. Wood pellets have been dried to below 5% moisture content. Safe to use in all pellet stoves, wood-burning fireplaces, or wood stoves.

    DIRECTIONS: Open hopper and pour in contents of 1 full box along with your regular pellet fuel. Burn as usual. Use 2x/week for the first month, and 1x/week therea er. Consult owner's manual for full annual cleaning instructions. NOT FOR USE IN SMOKERS.

  • RUTLAND Multi-Surface Pro Clean
    Cleans, conditions, and protects glass, cook tops, sealed stone, and more!
    Streak-free results
    Clean citrus scent

  • RUTLAND's Multi-Surface Pro Clean is formulated for use on: Glass, thermal glass, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, porcelain, tile, ceramic range top, oven door, sealed stone, kerosene heater glass, and fiberglass shower doors. NOT for use on cars, household windows, plastic (ex. Microwave oven doors), plexiglass, stainless look or chrome look finishes, and SCHOTT ROBAX® glass.

    DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Test in small area to ensure compatibility. Apply a small amount to a cold surface with a clean, damp paper towel or newspaper. Rub the soiled surface vigorously. Remove excess cleaner and polish surface with a dry paper towel. Do not let cleaner dry on surface.

  • RUTLAND Safe Lite® Fire Starter Squares
    24 ct and 144 ct Cartons
    Made in the USA
    Made from compressed recycled wood chips, paper fiber, and wax...

  • RUTLAND Safe Lite® Fire Starter Squares are easy to light – even when wet. And they burn up to 10 minutes per square! Only 1 – 2 squares are needed to start a fire. Simply break off one or two squares and set them on wood or pellets. Light by touching a match to the rough edge of a square.
  • RUTLAND One Match® Fire Starter Gel
    8 fl oz, 16 fl oz, and 32 fl oz Bottles
    Made in the USA...

  • RUTLAND One Match® Fire Starter Gel is a thick, odor-free, gelled fire starter for quickly and easily starting any fire – indoors or outdoors in fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, fire pits, chimeneas, and ceramic grills.

    DIRECTIONS: Wear protective gloves and eyewear. Squeeze gel onto wood to be ignited. Place additional wood over gel. Ignite. Pellet stoves: Mix gel with pellets. Ignite. Wait until pellets are burning well, close stove door and turn on pellet feeder. Keep container tightly closed and store away from fire.

  • RUTLAND Rainbow Flame® Crystals
    One-time use 1.45 oz Long Toss-In Stick, 1.5 oz Short Toss-In Stick, or 1 lb Pourable/Shakeable Canister

    Indoor and outdoor use

    Not for use in gas units or in fires that will be used to prepare food...

  • RUTLAND Rainbow Flame® Crystals are a family favorite – enjoy beautiful blue and green flames! Use indoors or outdoors in fireplaces, wood stoves, campfires, chimineas, or fire pits.

    TOSS-IN STICK: Do not open stick. Toss the entire stick onto a well-burning wood fire with hot embers. Tube burns to ash. For indoor or outdoor use.

    CANISTER: Shake approximately half a cup of crystals at the base of a strong wood fire with a hot bed of coals. Add more crystals as the colors subside. Use in vented appliances.

  • RUTLAND White Off® Glass Cleaning Cream
    8 fl oz Bottle
    Indoor and outdoor use
    Made in the USA...

  • RUTLAND White Off® Glass Cleaning Cream is specially formulated for the removal of white residue on gas log fireplace glass doors. Non-abrasive and easy to use, this glass cleaning cream does not scratch or cause micropitting. Ammonia-free.

    DIRECTIONS: Wear protective gloves and eyewear. Allow surface to cool before cleaning. Test first in a small area. Shake well and apply to surface. Rub vigorously with a clean paper towel. Remove excess cleaner and buff with a new paper towel.

  • RUTLAND Creosote Remover
    1 lb and 2 lb Tubs
    Indoor use only...

  • RUTLAND Creosote Remover keeps creosote buildup at bay remarkably easy! Add 1 scoop to a fire 1-2 times per week to turn sticky, tar-like creosote into brushable ash and prevent further buildup from occurring.

    Safe for use in all chimneys and wood-burning appliances. Will not damage catalytic converters. Creosote buildup can cause chimney fires if left untreated. The use of creosote remover does not eliminate the need for regular chimney cleaning.

    DIRECTIONS: Apply one scoop of Creosote Remover with the 1 oz scoop provided to a hot bed of coals. Use twice a week for the first month, then apply once a week. Some creosote may fall down and block elbows in flue. Check for blockages as creosote begins to loosen.

  • Duraflame Flue-Renew Log
    Reduces dangerous soot and creosote buildup
    1 log = 1 treatment
    Use 1 log/month during burn season or 1 log every 20-30 fires
    Indoor Use Only
    Do not cook over log...

  • Duraflame Flue-Renew Log is treated with Safe-T-Flue Chimney Cleaner, which reduces soot and creosote buildup. Recommended for use in all wood-burning fireplaces and wood stoves. Use 1 log/month during burn season, or 1 log every 20-30 fires. Simply place log (in wrapper) in fireplace or wood stove and light wrapper. Log and wrapper will burn to ash. Each log is one application.
  • RUTLAND High Heat Silicone Sealant
    2.7 oz Tube or 10.3 oz Cartridge
    Black, clear, and red
    500°F or 600°F
    Indoor and outdoor use
    Made in the USA...

  • RUTLAND High Heat Silicone Sealants are a great solution for sealant and adhesive needs. Not only are they powerful adhesives, they also seal gases and smoke permanently, with limitless uses in the home or even on a job site. Use to seal fireplace inserts, repair solar panels, or apply ceramic tiles to your fireplace surround or heat shielding behind your stove. Seal a chimney cap to withstand wind, rain, and hot smoke.

    Silicone will adhere to most clean surfaces, including glass, metal, plastics, fiberglass, wood, brick, and stone. Available in different colors and sizes, a perfect combination exists for your project or repair! Available in 500°F RTV and 600°F RTV.

  • RUTLAND Firebox Bricks
    6 Bricks per Box
    Rated up to 2700°F (1480°C)
    Not for direct food contact
    Made in the USA...

  • RUTLAND Fire Bricks are perfect for intermediate duty for building new fireplaces or to replace old or broken bricks in existing fixtures (wood or coal stoves, furnaces, and fireplace inserts). They can also be used to line a fire pit in the backyard or anywhere else a brick is needed that can withstand high temperatures. Bricks measure 9″ x 4-1/2″ x 1-1/4″.
  • RUTLAND Dry Mix 211®
    10 lb Tub
    Rated up to 2550°F (1400°C)
    Indoor use only
    Made in the USA...

  • RUTLAND Dry Mix 211® is a refractory mortar ideal for joining or repairing masonry flue tile in any gas or wood fireplace and wood, coal, or pellet stove chimney. Just add water, mix, and trowel on to seal and join flue tiles. It can also be used as a parge coating (thin overcoat) when building fireboxes to give your fireplace a nice, even, dark gray finish. Does not require (but is stronger with) heat curing. Meets NFPA 211 standards and NYSCMA Tek Spec 4.0.

    • 10 lb Tub
    • Rated up to 2550°F (1400°C)
    • Approximate coverage: 50 8″ x 8″ flue tiles or 30 9″ x 4-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ firebricks (1,270 sq in, 1/8″ thick)
    • Can be painted once dry
    • Indoor use only
    • Made in the USA

    DIRECTIONS: Mix dry material with enough clean, cool water to make a workable mortar. One quart water to 10 lbs mix is recommended. If mortar is too dry, add 1/2 cup water. Mix well. Mortar has a pot life of about 1 hour, but less in hot weather. Set time is approximately two hours, less at temperatures above 80°F. Air dry for at least 24 hours before applying heat.

  • RUTLAND Castable Refractory Cement
    12-1/2 lb Tub or 25 lb Tub
    Rated up to 2200°F (1204°C)
    Made in USA
    No heat cure required...

  • RUTLAND Castable Refractory Cement is an exceptionally strong dry-mix cement that chemically sets and dries as hard as brick. Just add water! Perfect for casting into custom designs because it holds its shape while drying, just add water. It can even be used as the sole material when casting a solid stove bed or outdoor oven. Also works to fill large holes or cracks in masonry, replace mortar, and for tuckpointing.
    • 12-1/2 lb Tub or 25 lb Tub
    • Rated up to 2200°F (1204°C)
    • Color may vary
    • May be painted once dry
    • Minimum 24-hour dry time
    • Does not require heat to cure
    • Approximate coverage: 12-1/2 lb will cast a 12″ x 12″ x 1-1/2″ square
    • Minimum application thickness 1/4″ and maximum thickness 1.5″. Can be layered if thicker applications are needed
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Not for direct food contact
    • Made in the USA

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