BluePrint Automation (BPA)  

South Chesterfield,  VA 
United States
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BluePrint Automation (BPA) is a world leader in end-of-line packaging automation. With almost 40 years of experience serving the baking industry BPA designs, develops and manufactures packaging solutions for flexible and other tough-to-handle packages.

  • Vision Guided Robotics
    • Delta robots picking packaged and un-packaged (naked) product for loading into your container, wrapper or hffs machines - Stacking & Loading - Wrapper Loading - Variety Pack - Dinner Tray Loading - Kit Assembly – Case, Tray and Carton Loading
  • Case and Tray Packing
    • Solutions for flexible and other tough-to-handle packages. Providing vertical and horizontal case packing solutions; including wrap around case packing, end-load cartoning and innovative retail ready solutions.
  • Turnkey Packaging Systems
    • Taking control of your packaging line from the end of processing through palletizing.

Backed by thousands of successful installations in over 30 countries, BPA has three full-service manufacturing facilities in the USA and Europe, two additional facilities in Hangzhou China and São Paulo Brazil and ten additional subsidiaries throughout the world for sales and service. BPA’s systems are constructed for around the clock operation and known worldwide for their quick change over, flexibility, speed and simple design.

On the Show Floor

  • Gravity 100r: A small and compact gravity top load case packer with few mechanical, electrical or pneumatic components top loading bags of frozen cookie dough into cases.
  • Collator 200: A pack assist solution eliminating rotary pack-off reuirements.  Perfect for bags of snacks and baked goods.


End Of Line Packaging Solutions
Customer Testimonials


  • Gantry 300 Swing Case Packer
    The GANTRY 300 SWING offers a large variety in case packing options, now and for any future expansions you may require. The GANTRY 300 SWING is capable of horizontal and/or vertical packing, and has a changeover time of less than five minutes....
  • Gravity 100r Case Packer
    The GRAVITY 100R is a popular automatic case packer often used in the frozen food and Bakery industries. This flat packer is the result of decades of experience and innovation. In its design, our team focused on simplicity, hygiene, speed and durability....
  • Stacking and Loading
    Does your process include stacking and loading products of fresh and frozen baked goods (pancakes, waffles, etc.), formed patties or tortillas? Our stacking and loading solution will improve your process efficiency and reduce breakage....
  • Carton, Case and Tray Loading
    The Carton, Case and Tray loading solution is easier than ever to operate! By using our DELTA with vision, plants eliminate race trak collation and potential jam points; increasing efficiency of the line. Great for bags, pouches, nutritional bars, etc....
  • Racupack 100 Wrap Around Case Packer
    The RACUPACK 100 is a highly flexible, modern, servo controlled horizontal case packer. It distinguishes itself with its unique Catamaran construction style. This versatile machine is able to produce different case styles, offering you a large size range....
  • Gantry 100 Case Packer
    The GANTRY 100 is a Pick & Place robotic case packing system with two axes. Its modular design enables a tailor-made configuration for case packing of flexible and other tough-to-handle packages including doypacks, pillow bags and four-sided sealed bags....
  • Spider 200i Case Packer
    The SPIDER 200i fully automates bag handling and the vertical case packing process. It is the ultimate packaging machine with an integrated case erector and closer. Perfect for bags of snacks and baked goods....
  • Spider 300v Case Packer
    The Spider 300v is a two-robot case loading system with vision allowing vertical and horizontal packing on the same line at the same time. The Spider 300v is capable of handling RSC cases, three-sided displays and other secondary containers....
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